An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Noam Manos

1488.06 (4,319,014th)
5,994 (27,109th)
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Title Δ
kubectl exec into pod resulting in Unable to use a TTY error every... 0.00
Kubectl Java client returns exit code 3 when using exec 0.00
Project deletion struck in Terminating +4.21
Cannot get a fork of a repository to build due to importing interna... +4.21
'ascii' codec can't encode character : ordinal not in r... 0.00
How to set ROBOT_LIBRARY_SCOPE dynamically in Robot framework 0.00
go build can't find a revision 0.00
How to Ignore warnings in ansible -3.81
Closures versus ES6 Let 0.00
mustache-js views don't auto-refresh with nodemon -2.04
Jenkins Plugin failure error 0.00
MissingPropertyException: No such property: filename for class: gro... 0.00
Pre-Defined parameters no longer passed to child job 0.00
How to convert String to int in Groovy the right way -3.88
Blocked script execution in <URL>. because the document's... -3.92
Unable to trigger build using 'Poll SCM' and Git notifyComm... 0.00
Test In Progress is Empty in Jenkins 0.00
Excluding a job from the Jenkins Job Queue when a build is in progr... -0.02
Pass existing Webdriver object to custom Python library for Robot F... +0.99
How to run GUI tests on a jenkins windows slave without remote desk... 0.00
Jenkins windows slave service does not interact with desktop 0.00
Numeric string sorting with letters and numbers in Groovy 0.00
How can I list P4 changes since a specific changelist 0.00
Truncate paragraph first 100 character and hide rest content of par... 0.00
What is the best and the fastest way to delete large directory cont... 0.00
RegExp infinite loop only in perl, why? -3.92
Velocity - Correct Regex to remove control characters? 0.00
Java: Printing LinkedList without square brackets? 0.00
How to view Shelved P4 Changes? 0.00
How to extract text between two words in unix? 0.00
python copy files to a network location on Windows without mapping... -3.75
Creating acronyms in Python 0.00
WMIC command lind issues when run from Java 0.00
P4, How to find changelist user from a given changelist? 0.00
Groovy merge two lists? 0.00
Getting black images with selenium.captureScreenshot 0.00
Groovy: isn't there a stringToMap out of the box? 0.00
Selenium is to Web UI testing as ________ is to Windows application... 0.00
How to check if directory exists in %PATH%? 0.00
How do I copy a file in python? 0.00