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Remy Lebeau

1597.31 (1,791st)
367,396 (69th)
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Title Δ
4-byte wchar_t to String conversion using JNI 0.00
How can I generate and return a result in one expression? 0.00
Is there a way to pass std::make_unique with different classes spec... 0.00
Find out if the socket was accepted or not 0.00
Memory Leak caused by Initializer List? 0.00
c++ deleting char pointer allocated with new 0.00
C++ unicode latin symbol replace? 0.00
Why my program is going on Infinite loop when i am trying to read m... 0.00
Using constant across .dfm files in embarcadero / RAD studio 0.00
Telling a TCP client to seamlessly switch to new server 0.00
Using an Anonymous Thread in Delphi to blink a label 0.00
I need help converting my code from c++ to java 0.00
How do I expose a library's enum, such that my code doesn't... 0.00
std::bind c++ in if statement 0.00
Memory Garbage on vector.erase of pointer 0.00
Is it a bad practice to use (overload) a setter / getter pair with... 0.00
Does data accepted by a TCP socket ever expire? 0.00
How to iterate over a char pointer array returned by a function in... 0.00
How can I use a variable used in another unit within a different me... 0.00
How to connect to speacial links using TIdHttp in delphi? 0.00
SHBrowseForFolder with BIF_BROWSEFORCOMPUTER and SHGetPathFromIDLis... 0.00
Unable to use <filesystem> functions 0.00
WTSEnumerateProcesses with socket and data struct 0.00
SwapMouseButton does not "resist" a reboot 0.00
Invalid HELO name on sending with TIDSmtp 0.00
Does it matter which element I delete in a union 0.00
Find End of Array Declared as Struct Type C++ 0.00
SetWindowsHookEx - difference between VK_LSHIFT and "Search&qu... 0.00
How C header files import win32api functions? 0.00
Store string into a variable in next line of a file 0.00
Invoking/Executing a function AFTER caller function finished or ret... 0.00
Enable a TButton of an MDI ChildForm upon closing of another MDI Ch... 0.00
C++ cout formatting 0.00
Adding object methods to a stringlist so they can be invoked by name 0.00
Recieving "vector subscript out of range" only on visual... 0.00
Printf and fstream operator << displaying different values. W... 0.00
How to get a pixel array from TBitmap? 0.00
How to use file.eof() while reading in integers from a file? 0.00
How do I reverse the order of characters in a text file in C++? 0.00
How to response to digest access authentication with Indy 0.00
Is there any event for shapes? 0.00
How to load an object of the correct type into a collection before... 0.00
JNI date value conversion issue, getting a different long value in... 0.00
EventLog functions returning ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER 0.00
Menu button triggering another window 0.00
How to make similar structure in C++ to this in Delphi 0.00
std::string can be passed as nlohmann::json to explicit constructor 0.00
How do you create a TCP connection without a listener? 0.00
IPv6 Server in c - recvfrom failed 0.00
Difference in Call by Reference Vs Call by pointer argument todo pr... 0.00