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Remy Lebeau

1616.28 (1,124th)
361,683 (71st)
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Title Δ
I would like to read in all content in a text file (but there is on... 0.00
Why does an array of characters in C++ return its items instead of... 0.00
How to combine SSL_read and epoll? 0.00
Head pointer pointing to garbage value after deleting node from hea... 0.00
The Win32 API procedure of drag-and-dropping a file from my app to... 0.00
How to use getline to print the correct line from txt file 0.00
Understanding why a string stored in a linked list won't print... 0.00
Why does this code display incorrect Unicode? 0.00
C++ Data Strutures Queue: Find the largest element in the queue usi... 0.00
What is the difference between object creating types in c++? 0.00
Sending large files over UDP 0.00
Obtain file name from SetClipboardData hook 0.00
How can i capture the adapter name according to unicast address 0.00
How to create sockaddr from sockaddr_in / sockaddr_in6 structure 0.00
Using functions from an implicitly loaded DLL within initialization... 0.00
LNK2005 Already Defined error when linking my library 0.00
What does the _LH suffix mean in the Windows API? 0.00
Compare username of running program to username logged into Windows 0.00
Is it always safe to remove a published empty section? 0.00
How to draw buttons in TStringGrid cells 0.00
WaitForSingleObject: do not lock a mutex but check the current state? -2.36
Dynamic DLL with call back procedure - Delphi 0.00
How to call comparator function from sort in C++ class -1.70
Targeting API 28 on delphi 0.00
MDIChild Form always behind ScrollBox +0.33
Send list of files using socket wifip2p 0.00
What is wrong with this substring function -2.71
How to run EXE With admin privileges +2.33
Setting source address when sending UDP multicast messages 0.00
Initializing map with greater comparator -0.10
Is reference return type not allowed in std::function? 0.00
How to convert a number to a linked list in C++ -0.17
Framework applications using interface without heap memory allocati... 0.00
Delphi: How to get the positions of scrollbars of TImgView32 control? 0.00
How do Implement the copy constructor for my custom c++ class +1.13
MDIChild form cannot be created 0.00
Are bit flags an intended use of std::byte? -0.67
What is a unicode character or even a glyphicon for ⏭ but with only... +0.34
How to pass a string into glutCreateWindow() function? 0.00
Change folder attribute to hidden on iOS (FMX, C++) 0.00
Copy dir from old copies itself inside the new dir if it already ex... 0.00
How to handle custom messages coming from a DLL using Delphi 0.00
Does the standard guarantee that uint8_t, int8_t, and char are all... +0.08
Default constructor of the structure for correct std::map behaviour +1.40
how to pass a Unique Pointer -2.58
ListView repeating items from second TListItem.Caption +1.39
Copying arbitrary bits from an array into a variable? +1.44
How to transform argv[1] in istream in cpp? 0.00
Getting garbage data when passing a parameter through function poin... 0.00
Need to separate a line on a txt file into different strings 0.00