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1381.27 (4,409,256th)
651 (218,265th)
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Title Δ
How to convert a X and Y Velocity to one Velocity -1.09
SIMD transpose when row size is greater than vector width -1.27
Fortran subroutine forgets allocatable array element value after ma... 0.00
Inverse mapping in Fortran -0.98
Reshaping 1d array to 2D pointer array Fortran -1.13
Set negative values in a array to zero by using the if conditional -1.43
Issue printing different values in certain ranges +1.01
Function overloading in Fortran 2008 -1.20
Same block of code in a SELECT TYPE in Fortran +0.34
Unrecognized token '&' in Fixed Fortran continuation li... -0.35
Is Fortran return statement obsolete? -2.21
Symbolic .and. and .or. expressions in Fortran? -2.00
Preserving line numbers when pre-processing Fortran code 0.00
Can I use a pointer to point to multiple sections of an array at on... +3.73
Memory allocation and deallocation in separate module -1.98
Should we check the shape of arrays before whole array operations i... -2.01
Make a module out a bunch of .f source files -2.42
matmul with non-conforming matrices 0.00
How to split a file with multiple columns into multiple files with... +1.10
Free-dimensional array as input in subroutine -3.46
Logical Indexing based on "find" in Fortran 90 -2.03
How to calculate Pi using Monte Carlo Simulation? -2.45
How to implement factorial function into code? -0.52
Opening folder with gfortran 0.00
The index of inner loops, Private or Shared? 0.00
Subroutine to open file with any random name +6.01
Reading chemical symbols in Fortran -2.76
why is maximum single-line length limited to 132 characters in Fort... -1.06
Single vs OpenMP vs MPI - Fortran -2.57
Fortran Modules and Global Variables -2.68
How to split an array in fortran? 0.00
What is the fastest way for a multithread SIMD operation explicitly? -2.72
fortran limits of vectorization -2.86
Vectorized array comparison in Fortran -3.02
What is the need for a C_INT fortran type? Are C and Fortran intege... -2.29
Find longest slices of an array that contains separated values +1.01
Reading integers from file into array? 0.00
How can I create code for specific variable? 0.00
Unclassifiable statement in an equation in Fortran -2.88
Unexpected junk after else statement: (i == 1 .AND. 1 < j < L) +0.51
Unexpected junk after else statement: (i == 1 .AND. 1 < j < L) -3.49
How to call an external function? -2.95
Assignment of arrays in Intel Fortran 0.00
Restart a loop in Fortran -1.15
Wrong result when using a global variable in Fortran -2.38
Use variable name for argument-derived bounds of local arrays -2.55
What is the logic behind dividing arrays of double precision matrix... -3.23
fastest way to read large text file -3.23
How to determine if point is inside skewed conical frustum 0.00
Function type does not match the function definition -1.32