An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

U. Windl

1470.63 (4,518,712th)
536 (258,575th)
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Title Δ
confusion with fseek() in C 0.00
Seeking algorithm for "dual-modulo array memmove" 0.00
Perl: How to use constant defined in other pl file from a strict pe... 0.00
How to (if possible) set a breakpoint to a specific closure? -3.91
How to (if possible) set a breakpoint to a specific closure? +0.09
format of Windows registry export file 0.00
Why do I get the first capture group only? +0.25
Problem with here-doc in `print $fh <<'EOF'`: Perl ex... 0.00
Grafana: Overrriding series with metric named `/var(avail_MB)`: &qu... 0.00
Return a base-class object from a derived-class object -3.29
Omit topmost caller for error handler using confess/croak/cluck? 0.00
Why use a parent pointer to point to a child class? -2.25
git bash/shell hangs when I hit "tab" for auto-completion 0.00
Bad matrix inversion algorithm, or implemented incorrectly? -4.01
Why must shared libraries be position independent while static libr... -3.09
How to get all capture groups as array in Perl <= 5.18 0.00
Is there a way to shorten this while condition? -1.58
Tic-Tac-Toe user input looping endlessly when alphabetical characte... +0.58
Problem with using grep to match the whole word -3.54
When I use git stash I end up with <<<<<<< Upd... 0.00
How to undo a commit in freshly initialized repository (not pushed) -2.26
How to interpret Blender's SDNA structure field type index? 0.00
Getting time elapsed since read blocking 0.00
How can I use an InputStream for parts of a RandomAccessFile? 0.00
How to get package changes before update in zypper 0.00
What is the shortest way to create an empty named numeric vector in... 0.00
How to list USB port type with speed of connected device? 0.00
Elegant way to import table from ODF document into R 0.00
Can I aggregate with parameters taken from data frame? 0.00
Why does `hist(..., nclass=nclass.scott)` fail in R? +0.07
How to add mean value line to plot of a factor? +0.04
HTML How do I make sure the header of my page is covered completely? -2.60
Reorder factor levels as numbers after extracting from alphanumeric... +1.52
Is space special for pattern replacement in BASH? +0.19
read values of txt file from bash +3.44
read values of txt file from bash -1.23
Delete a named value -3.82
Converting date and time in a list of values -3.97