An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1757.71 (33rd)
194,038 (249th)
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Title Δ
Address of a static variable when instance created 0.00
Invalid conversion error over C and C++ +0.36
How can size_type be an unsigned integral if npos is -1? -2.17
Why can't void parameters exist in functions with more than one... +0.59
Can I only have const overloaded operator member function? +0.07
C++ introduce 'new' template arguments +1.14
Initialize protected const in class constructor 0.00
cout pointer to array item is printing out different value than exp... +0.84
Why is override optional in C++? +0.86
How to delete a element from vector given a pointer to it - C++ +0.62
Compound Statements with Overloaded operators not working(C++) +0.81
const qualifier removed on getter if template argument is a pointer 0.00
Error while using "using namespace boost::numeric::ublas;"... 0.00
Why does rand() compile without including cstdlib or using namespac... +1.12
Difference between std::end(myVector) and myVector.end() 0.00
Is this a smart pointer? 0.00
Python - Ignore letter case -0.85
How do i check argv[1] doesn't have any alphabetical characters? +1.51
Is it possible to initialize new object in constructor's initia... 0.00
How can I compare comparing contents of std::vectors with custom ob... 0.00
invalid conversion from ‘char’ to ‘char*’ on very simple code? +0.18
Why we need additional () in std::hash<sometype>()(somevalue)? 0.00
Declare a vector in a function call and pass it by reference +0.72
Default move constructor Visual Studio 2015 +0.69
C++ why does `observer_ptr<W>` have a constructor taking `W*`? 0.00
Mixing shared_ptr and a normal ptr +1.60
clear multi-level std::map +0.19
Why does this Python code just print one of the variables over and... 0.00
ISO C90 error while declaring an array and using malloc -3.08
What is the difference between std::deque and boost:deque? 0.00
Returning reference to temporary error when remodeling from T ** to... 0.00
3D Vectors and constness +0.66
C++ difference between %p and cout &ptr +0.58
C++ : Coverity reports leaks for peculiar use of references and con... +0.19
Error when declaring vector as a class data member 0.00
Calling assignment operator on an array +0.19
Applying a function to an std::map values with for each and lambda... +0.22
C++ function returning reference to array -2.07
std::vector initialization of class member -0.02
C++14 operator << for stream insertion and enum class +1.34
Why do we need to include the <string> header file when std::... +0.18
Why is unique_ptr operator-> not const-overloaded? -2.59
C++; how to compare the string values of different iterators traver... +1.39
if Python doesn't support method overloading, then why does thi... +1.06
I wrote an if/elseif-statement but it only gives me the first condi... 0.00
Dimensions of C-style arrays in typedefs 0.00
issue with "using namespace std;" -0.37
Calling a member constructor in class definition with a deleted cop... 0.00
Calling member constructor in class definition 0.00
Error in eclipse boost library 0.00