An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1757.53 (31st)
194,038 (248th)
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Title Δ
Passing unique_ptr to functions +2.19
returning reference from method +4.35
What is the effect of `const` modifier and reference in the templat... +0.02
push_back a vector into another vector +0.06
c++ array evaluation +0.61
NameError: global name 'thing' is not defined -0.00
Installing MatplotLib in mac osx lion -1.81
How to populate shelf with existing dictionary 0.00
Macports Port Select Commands 0.00
What does "default" mean after a class' function declarat... -3.68
Are there any free C++ compilers for MacOSX? +1.47
String to Object in Python -2.47
Parsing unicode string read from a cell in an xlrd.Book object +3.84
Python: Redefining function from within the function -0.74
Unit Test Design +3.64
How to traverse a dict in python and make two separate dict out of... 0.00
C++ function using reference as param error +4.26
Is there a Vector3 implementation for OS X? Preferably Objective-C? 0.00
distutils: how to include test files in source distribution and not... 0.00
Are elements searchable in a multimap? Is it needed? -1.89
Unordered_set questions -0.31
C++ Array Intersection +3.85
Reference to std::array of different sizes instead of std::array in... +4.70
system python versus user python -4.04
What did Apple do to the Python framework? -4.27
Start index for iterating Python list -1.41
Shorten static definitions +3.65
C++ How to calculate the number time a string occurs in a data -3.52
Conditional for negative integer -0.26
Python: how to print a dictionary's key? +3.92
vector function 'at' +1.19
Find a random method that best fit list of values +1.20
Problem using templates in C++ +0.63
How to import multiple locations to PYTHONPATH (bash) -0.47
Generate Random number between 0 and 10 +1.87
How to add space +3.12
Creating my own "integer" object in Python +4.13
Python - Prime Number exercise +0.49
Convert Perl code to Python Code 0.00
pylab.hist(data, normed=1). Normalization seems to work incorrect -4.22
simple question on dice poker in python -4.24
how to write into XLS with python with format unchanged? +4.13
Python Number Limit -0.52
Why is std:: used by experienced coders rather than using namespace... +2.45
Counting recursion in a python program! +2.38
Accessing elements of python dictionary -3.84
How to sort by a particular attribute of a class? +3.95
Python: Substracting between list of dictionaries -0.90
Could python have suffix-based number notation for engineering purp... +2.75
Best practices when accessing the attributes and methods of other c... +5.02