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Anand Soni

1491.07 (4,398,374th)
3,692 (45,510th)
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Title Δ
Attempted import error: 'Switch' is not exported from '... 0.00
500 Internal Server Error Trying to Send an SMS using Twilio 0.00
Active record getting results from two tables with no associaion +0.06
What is the correct way to post datas to another controller's a... 0.00
Fields parameters with hyphen in Ruby on Rails -4.08
Error - ForbiddenAttributesError Ruby on Rails 4 Passing through API 0.00
Ruby on Rails Select2 form not returning params ? 0.00
Rails FactoryGirl Factory with optional model association +4.09
Error running rails server - Symbol not found - therubyracer 0.00
No route matches in functional/controller test +1.61
undefined method `sub' for nil:NilClass -3.81
Getting Error while trying to run chrome using chromedriver -4.01
undefined method `has_attached_file' : Paperclip error with Act... 0.00
format.html giving wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) error 0.00
Error installing rmagick: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension -0.19
Requests spec post request No route matches error +0.47
cucumber testing scenario fails while using before filter? -0.33
Backbone View not creating "itself" -0.05
Rspec is not working with mongodb, mongomapper 0.00
How to delete image which uploaded to AWS with rails 2? 0.00
How to build an update email function in Ruby on Rails? +0.07
how to move to your desired page after DEVISE AUTHENTICATION in Rails 0.00
Ruby on Rails, two models in one form -1.92
can't register my variable in the database 0.00
Calling a custom action within a nested resource (Rails 3) -2.10
ReferenceError: users is not defined rails + backbone + firebug -0.12
A before_filter for Omniauth Facebook? -0.12
Empty rails parameters in custom session controller in call from An... 0.00
undefined method `password' for nil:NilClass +0.18
attr_accessor - Ruby - where it saves the values -2.59
Rails require external ruby file containing configuration variables... -0.12
Rails Factory Girl "Create" not saving record? 0.00
How use method from another class? 0.00
Use Amazon Simple Notification service SNS with ruby +4.05
Geocoder + Rails 3.2 // SQLException: no such column: distance: 0.00
Facebook OAuthException Code 191 - Invalid redirect (sometimes) 0.00
Rails passing more than one parameters +3.72
How to set up path in form for inner models? -3.42
render html on popover via twitter bootstrap -3.78
How to insert data in a table when using a migration instead of a m... +3.82
User defined URL in rails -1.75
Html page redirection in Ruby on Rails -2.42
How to execute runCommand with Mongoid? 0.00
How to secure RESTful API in a proper way with a dynamic token Rails -0.14
Rails and BackboneJS destroy model backbone misinterprets response 0.00
Rails - Place Condition On Join With Includes 0.00
create.js.erb show its code on browser instead of execute code 0.00
web app associations -4.50
Ruby on Rails - Windows 7 installation, non-english characters in u... 0.00
"undefined method `accept' for nil:NilClass" +3.85