An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1515.99 (41,711th)
902 (168,642nd)
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Title Δ
Vim visual to x^th character 0.00
Can exclamation mark/bang symbol be abbreviated? 0.00
How to make Vim autocomplete a word based on words already found in... +3.80
How to page-up / page-down through vim terminal 0.00
Don't understand this No module named 'tkinter' error -2.18
What is the fastest way to transfer all of my GitHub repositories t... +1.40
(master) at end of terminal prompt -0.59
GIT: After git reset --hard HEAD still shows uncommitted changes -2.18
Filter duplicates when editing rebase/squash commit message 0.00
any way remove history commit but keep all file 1 log? 0.00
Internationalize python shared project -0.19
Script to figure out the difference in disk space +3.82
How do you make program clear your console clean before it prints a... -1.88
How to insert a variable value in a string in python +3.86
Can I get sum of a list values (not occurrences of index values) in... +3.28
AttributeError in Python regarding classes 0.00
Cannot open an html file from python in a web browser - notepad ope... +4.01
What is the "iback" flag for sed? 0.00
How to loop a try and except ValueError code until the user enters... -0.02
How to modify variables in another python file? +4.04
Comparing complicated lists -2.95
3D camera to 3D model generation 0.00
Insert table data from website into table on my own website using P... 0.00
Loop doesn't work, 3-lines python code +1.80