An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1542.63 (10,567th)
162 (527,456th)
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Title Δ
Uncaught SyntaxError: '' string literal contains an unescap... 0.00
toggleClass removes all other existing classes -0.36
Remove undefined, null, NaN from JS Object using Lodash? +1.88
Convert arrays to values (with keys!) in an array of objects -0.05
Moment set date but keep time 0.00
converting number bases to string using a recursive function javasc... -0.55
What's the correct way to handle promise rejections so that the... +0.44
How to check if parent object contains child objects properties? Is... 0.00
Compare two Objects in a list using lambda in javascript +0.44
How to push an object in a object - javascript +1.51
Merge and Add values of objects in an array -0.59
How to remove all next elements from array in javascript or lodash -1.04
How to get Current week from given array of objects date in javascr... -0.23
Javascript if statement executing even when false +0.44
Nested object and accessing value 0.00
removing the duplicates of a linked list javascript 0.00
Sort a js object by key 0.00
If statement that if two values from input match do something +1.15
How to calculate the difference between of the elements in an array... +1.49
How to create an object with every digits as it's key value in... -1.51
Using lodash filter I want to replace null with zero -0.54
removing empty array objects from an array in javascript and react -0.37
VueJs v-for loop an array inside an array -0.58
String methods vs. Array methods when comparing strings (Big O) 0.00
pass result of function back up the chain so a parent changes 0.00
Javascript rewrite +0.32
How to document as parameter default value +0.44
How to add url with interpolation as the value of the input textbox? 0.00
How to convert OOP to FP in JavaScript +0.63
Sorting objects in an array by its values using onClick 0.00
How do I find element in array object and update source array in Ja... 0.00
How to filter objects based on different keys and save the results... 0.00
How do I loop JSON and output value? 0.00
How to add current clicked element to an array in jquery? 0.00
Javascript - Group by data from object arrays -0.64
What is the purpose of the exclamation point in front of the equati... +0.92
Make a new JS Object using an old one, see description for example 0.00
Filter an element in an object in an array in an array -0.50
typescript - map an array with sum 0.00
Node javascript array deconstruction with custom applied function +1.81
JS display the countries with the most users (grouping an array) -0.44
Count the number of matching words between two strings +0.44
how to write JavaScript object in the textarea(HTML Tag) to get tha... 0.00
Replace numbers by JavaScript variable +0.45
Dynamically update value of a key in Map in JavaScript +0.45
Array of array of array to array of objects in javascript -0.69
Make objects with a matching property join in an array 0.00
Shorter way to convert array to Set when chaining without custom fu... 0.00
Map an object by looping through alphabet +1.67
Why does JavaScript acts different with Sync/Async in React and node? -0.30