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1510.55 (67,272nd)
1 (4,360,573rd)
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Title Δ
how to replace a match word with other word in python? 0.00
How do I select elements of an two array given condition? -0.74
Detect duplicates in JSON list and delete it -1.45
How to perform operations on certain rows of one np array based on... -1.73
The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous... 0.00
how to concatenate input color image and gradient magnitude in python 0.00
Lambda function for multiplying each element of list with random nu... +2.15
Base 64 decode and parse string in shell script/Python +2.29
Python Scrape data file text to csv -0.77
How to append a dictionary value to an existing dictionary value? +2.14
Pandas converting column values into row values 0.00
Identify consecutive integers from a list of list -0.71
How can I count the number of pairs in a tuple such that both the e... +0.99
Conditional formatting of arrays in Numpy Python -2.50
Sorting List according to values and if same value sorting it with... 0.00
Transform multiple lists to dictionary of tuples +2.09
How to get index of a certain words in sublists? +0.48
How to get correct date instead of system date in python +0.49
Filtering within groupby function pandas -0.02
Generate all possible hex bytes in Python 0.00
Printing strings and separating them with "\" +0.48
Pandas merging record with same ID 0.00
Updating values in nested dictionary -1.37
Pythonic way to check a dict has all the keys it should -0.09
Delete items from a list before a specific keyword +1.00
Pandas dataframe custom formatting string to time -0.77
Extracting Data from non-Structured String in Python 0.00
DataFrame column of lists to dictionaries -1.82
How can I print a one dimensional array as grid in Python? -0.26
Splitting a list of strings based on specific words +0.47
Python: How i Can print only a particular string starting with a sp... +0.48
How to incorporate hour to Y-M-D DateTimeIndex in pandas 0.00
Combining two lists into dictionary -0.53
python lambda function with if statement 0.00
Is it possible to place a string inside df[ ] in python? 0.00
A str value changed over time & Customer dimension(s) in Pandas -0.01
how to compare two date columns in python 0.00
Python format timedelta object to datetime +0.63
Find Strings Located Between Specific Strings in List Python +0.01
Formatting for algebraic expressions +1.19
How to split a numpy array into several lists using one or more of... +0.49
How to modify pandas column if value doesnt match requirements? 0.00
create json file with loop for list of artifacts python -0.02
How to transform &#xxx; characters to their normal representati... -2.03
How to Convert String Dictionary to Dictionary and the split into s... +2.14
How to update time format in python? 0.00
Return correct number of citations from Microsoft Academic API 0.00
Python: How do i convert date and time (in 1 string) into a timestamp +0.50
How to return integer range from [0, 1000) from float obtained from... -0.27
Opencv display image with video without image background 0.00