An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1544.42 (9,624th)
8,872 (17,486th)
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Title Δ
using atomic operations on standard types +0.40
Atomicity of 32bit read on multicore CPU -0.33
Assign symbol (function) address to function pointer Boost dll modu... 0.00
What does the std::list do with its allocator argument? +2.47
Split a struct into a tuple +0.18
Why `-fvisibility-inlines-hidden` is not the default? -0.78
Appending CXX_FLAGS in cmake invocation -0.16
Benefits from using void pointers as FFI interface type +0.42
LoadInst and StoreInst Values and addresses LLVM 0.00
About const and thread-safety of "pure" function objects 0.00
Segfault on declaring a variable of type vector<shared_ptr<in... +1.89
Visual studio not following moving semantic +2.79
Are there g++ or clang++ debug options to guide variadic templateing 0.00
C++ Safety of enforcing alignment for 32 and 64 bit processors 0.00
Is it necessary to clean up stack contents? +0.54
Memory Managing QByteArray::fromRawData() 0.00
Enforce maximum size for boost ASIO queue 0.00
Efficient way to choose random in or out neighbours of a given vert... +0.44
Why doesn't future::wait() block -0.55
What SFINAE tricks can I safely use on all MSVC >= 2013? 0.00
Using C++11 type traits to provide alternate inline implementations +0.86
Is there any efficiency advantage in using minmax_element over min_... -1.55
Type Erasure for objects containing a std::tuple in c++11 +0.22
How to insert several unique_ptrs into vector at once -1.39
How to avoid false positives with Helgrind? -1.43
How to slice a vector in c++ and assign to itself? -0.87
Storing the absolute value of an eigen vector in to variable +0.11
How do I manually delete an instance of a class? -1.57
std::shared_ptr and dlopen(), avoiding undefined behavior +2.00
Does a shared_ptr to a data member of an object keeps the data memb... -1.22
How to get rid of the manual class template parameter specification 0.00
gsl::span<T> and gsl::span<const T> overloads are ambig... +1.90
Does anyone know how to manually mangle names in Visual C++? +1.44
C++ What is the best way of allowing moving data out of a class mem... -0.93
Building asynchronous `future` callback chain from compile-time dep... +1.03
Include Visual Studio solution in CMake -1.78
Knocking out a class template constructor depending on class templa... +2.82
When do we practically need 'explicit xvalues'? -1.66
How come this both loop runs equally fast when compiled with -O3, b... +2.07
std::pow produce different result in 32 bit and 64 bit application -1.92
Alternative to virtual templates -0.17
QOpenGLWidget in Qt5.5 rendering QImage file 0.00
Display YUY2 (Y'UV422) using OpenGL 0.00
Wake up a std::thread from usleep +0.04
Are operations with the internal pointer of shared_ptr atomic? -1.75
Is the compiler allowed to optimize out heap memory allocations? +1.00
implement factory pattern for products with conditional compiling +0.68
Cin isn't waiting for input -0.57
PDE solver that handles constraints -0.11
Why do template classes allows functions which cannot compile? +0.23