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1505.50 (126,367th)
22,799 (5,727th)
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Title Δ
How to compile ruby from source with debugging symbols on osx? 0.00
Problems compiling Ruby 2.4.2 0.00
Using Ruby with Rubymine, or another debugger, is it possible to en... -0.52
Use better_errors as debugger? 0.00
Try understand rails through debugger 0.00
Ruby .gets doesn't work +0.49
Ruby IRB - dumping all classes -0.39
Options to learn in Ruby besides IRB and FXRI 0.00
ruby how to find the source code to sort_by? -0.35
Start ruby debugger if rspec test fails +0.84
Ruby, pry: Can I add something to the command `pry example.rb` so p... 0.00
binding.pry in BasicObject +0.51
Getting Ruby documentation from command line? +0.78
How can I start Pry in Rails/Ruby automatically when any exception... +0.05
Pry: show me the stack -0.49
Does pry or irb allow you to work interactively from inside a block? +0.48
Rails WEBrick not writing log to terminal (stdout) -0.51
Running multiple commands in irb -0.89
How can I cd to a class/object in a .pryrc file? 0.00
Pry: location of .pryrc -2.16
How can I use irb the Ruby interpreter to test/debug my .rb files? +0.78
Pry in SublimeREPL 0.00
Can't post gist with pry 0.00
Can I repeat command in irb? +0.51
Why can't I access a local variable inside a method in Ruby? +0.96
running a Unit test from irb or pry -0.82
How do I find where a constant is defined in Ruby? +1.81
where is the documentation for Array()? -0.52
If I defined a Ruby method in IRB, how do I edit that method withou... -0.64
Ruby or pry-nav bug? Debugging segmentation fault feedback 0.00
How can I dump the code (not objects/stack) of a running Ruby proce... -1.79
Combination of breakpoint and irb (REPL) 0.00
Why does "block_given?" return false in debugger? (Works... -0.50
At runtime, How to check from where a module or class is loaded from? -0.05
how to change ruby version in Pry 0.00
How do I step out of a loop with Ruby Pry? 0.00
Is there the equivalent of next in Pry? +0.51
How to pause execution using guard and pry? +0.49
How to rerun a serie of statements in the same order in a shell? +1.82
Why is my pry not using coderay to make output pretty? 0.00
Ruby: Save class/method definitions at runtime -2.07
Avoid printing after executing command in console -0.53
pry gem how to reload? +0.47
In IRB, can I view the source of a method I defined earlier? +0.89
Finding out where methods are defined in Ruby/Rails (as opposed to... +0.26
Reading docs in irb +0.94
ruby blocks not first-class -1.95
if main is an instance of Object, why can't I call it in irb +0.52
Drop into irb when debugging in Aptana 3 -0.50
Executing code for every method call in a Ruby module +0.84