An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Peter Webb

1448.69 (4,406,035th)
575 (240,944th)
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Title Δ
SpriteKit draw upside down text 0.00
Plotting a location into an irregular rectangle -3.11
Release Apps For iPhone only -2.85
How many ways to store userdata in ios? +2.58
PushViewController and UIView animation is invalid +0.55
How to communicate between an iOS device and the Apple TV? -3.67
Objective-C animation, orbit ring animation 0.00
Access crash reports Xcode 6.3.1 from Apple Review process (iOS) 0.00
Why bubble sort is taking more time then selection sort -2.21
how to upload picture and event in my Published App Xcode 6 0.00
'Grokkable' algorithm to understand exponentiation where th... -0.10
UIColor display not exactly correct? -1.48
How I could get access to circles drawn in drawRect? +0.75
detcting speed of object via camera in ios objective c 0.00
ios nsCoding set but not calling encodeWithCoder 0.00
compare the running times of two algorithms -3.42
Develop Graphics IOS app with "add Text" and "Edit I... 0.00
How to store a Euler graph struct? -2.22
Finding a polynomial of minimum degree given series 0.00
How to break the image into shattered shapes in android +0.40
Algorithm to make a simple graph planar +0.51
How to sort a list with given range in O(n) -2.34
How to divide an ellipse to equal segments? +0.43
Anagram Algorithm using a hashtable and/or tries -1.16
Create a parabolic trajectory with fixed angle +0.39
Files, Months, Modules and Pseudocode 0.00
How can I calculate the area of an object by using its contour (cha... -1.47
Nested Polynomial-Time functions -3.40
Algorithm for animating elements running across a scene 0.00
Detect characteristics in audio stream -3.03
Finding a list of adjacent words between two words +1.67
Music Accuracy Analysis 0.00
What is the best hash function to store large random numbers in? -2.72
Where to find a set of hard Traveling Salesman Problems (with known... -4.02
Your answer will be considered as correct if it has an absolute or... -0.96
What is wrong with my gravity simulation? -2.51
How many random number generators should I use? -3.54
What is the best description of the run time complexity of insertio... -3.67
algorithm for block generation from nodes and relationships -4.01
What is the image resize algorithm used by mobile apps like Flipboa... 0.00
Image processing, pixel by pixel, takes a long time +0.25
OR between two function call -1.44
How to set positions of snakes and ladders in java Snake and Ladder... -4.04
Number of ways to a sum using 2 numbers +2.55
Recursion in sorting algorithms - always bad? -2.57
How to implement Rate It feature in Android App -1.46
Determining ordering of vertices to form a quadrilateral 0.00
Android drawBitmap Performance For Lots of Bitmaps? 0.00