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Luchian Grigore

1721.47 (80th)
203,453 (226th)
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Title Δ
Scope inside class of C++ 0.00
where are the common member variables stored when defining a class? 0.00
get next region address C++ 0.00
Unable to modify variables of a class in c++ +1.08
Declaring a class as static? 0.00
Getting size (not length) of c style string in function 0.00
How to see module load address in watch window? 0.00
(C++ )If I declare something private in a class but it can be chang... -0.33
Should one declare functions virtual at all levels of inheritance o... +0.22
Releasing memory in a function +1.11
Is using an assignment operator in a function argument undefined be... -0.81
C++ char-array parameter contains weird characters on x86 compile -2.63
Allocating an object of abstract class type 'Shape'? +0.24
Why need to set rvalue reference to null in move constructor? +1.06
C++ - Calling overridden method in derived class from method base c... -1.17
Find highest value in struct and output name -1.94
problems with making class variable public +0.63
Why can't I pass string* instead of string[] as argument? -0.16
what do you mean by ( char* &var ) in c++ ? can you please expl... 0.00
c++ how to properly declare friend class method of another class +0.21
C++ Array of Objects with a copy constructor -0.64
C++ Functions returnings vs Functions setting a pointer +0.21
Find single int among vector of duplicates in c++ 0.00
Is an attempt to modify a const_cast-ed, but dynamically allocated... +1.09
Strange behaviour when calling virtual functions -0.84
Visual C++ - Virtual method is not overriden +0.19
How a struct being typedef-ed to multiple names? -2.29
Stackoverflow exception caused using new in constructor +0.21
find all possible solution without repetition in 3 arrays in c++ +1.06
prefix and postfix operators c++ +0.21
I am new to C++ and I am trying to average a set number of grades g... -0.96
Exam ques. on how booleans are handled in cout +0.86
c++ no matching constructor? 0.00
Retrieve a C global variable from a program other than where the va... -0.79
C++ error in visual studio 0.00
Is there still a use for inline? +1.92
invalid initialization of non-const reference of type 'int&... +1.12
static pointers and other curious stuff +0.95
C++ sizeof integral types +1.08
Will delete command clears the memory allocated duirng new? -0.78
what is causing a segmentation error? 0.00
Is it okay to override (hide) a non-virtual method but still call i... 0.00
How and where to define pre-processor directives such that they are... +1.16
How to overload [] operator in c++? 0.00
Class inside a class +0.21
Defining a vector with fixed size inside a class in c++? +1.94
Why does this code not wait before termination? 0.00
Inline method: inside vs outside class definition -1.86
Namespaces and free functions 0.00
Const and non-const in one variable definition list in C++ -2.23