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Rating Stats for

Tomas Langkaas

1512.85 (51,742nd)
2,566 (65,504th)
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Title Δ
How do I calculate the opening days of online stores with different... 0.00
Sanitize HTML in Javascript object when constructing dynamic HTML f... -2.16
Converting number to hours? -0.64
Best way to reduce object data sent from browser to server +3.52
With JavaScript, how can I replace long sequences of text with elli... 0.00
The most efficient way to trim a file name in JavaScript +3.88
Escaping javascript natives wrappers 0.00
How can I make my drop down selections change my total by they'... 0.00
Caesar cipher only gets first value right 0.00
How to define a function and use only when needed +1.66
A simpler and self-contained number picker? 0.00
Allow running setInterval more than once per millisecond in nodejs -0.08
value of a text box based on the value of other text box +1.68
Using Eval() to evaluate a dynamic string, negative symbols that ar... 0.00
Detect any user action event 0.00
Javascript: Adding all elements but those in an array +2.10
Javascript - parse string to long -3.77
How to merge two strings alternatively in javascript? -0.89
How Do I update Javascript To Return 1 -4.21
How to split with regex in javascript? -3.08
Array.prototype.sort(compareFn) works different in browsers? 0.00
Javascript Logical Operator AND inside 'if' condition -0.89
How best to approach replacing a matched string - Javascript/Jquery -0.22
Regex to not match partial sequences, but match full ones +2.09
Regex to not match partial sequences, but match full ones +4.09
Regex to separate thousands with comma and keep two decimals +3.44
Replacing a conditional statement with a loop +0.01
Javascript Regex Stumped -2.10
How to check if contains all keywords in any order of string? RegEx... +1.99
Split Integer into 2 digits and put into array Javascript -2.96
How to set a countdown and loop the seconds in HTML/JavaScript -3.99
Keydown event behavior when holding down Shift key 0.00
Inserting tags in between html content +0.04
JavaScript isolate and format hours and minutes as 4-digit number +3.84
Javascript attach events to elements rendered dynamically -0.18
Converting ## to number regex +3.90
EncodeURI is causing spaces to be read as %20, how do I change that... 0.00
How can I capture a hash to Object in functional JavaScript? -0.11
Aggregation of array data over a given dimension -0.03
How to sort array of objects where keys are dates -3.20
Javascript find the highest value in 2d array based on array itself +3.95
Why does this Javascript function not work if called twice? 0.00
I need to programatically create several variables in javascript? 0.00
Java Date timezone printing different timezones for different years... +4.09
java script funcion and array not working 0.00
Avoid forced delay of setTimeout when breaking up long running Java... 0.00
Extracting part of a string surrounded by signs -0.00
How can I use JavaScript's replace function to divide a matched... +2.78
How can I set a link for each word in a sentence? -0.17
I would like to know this approach of writing reusable code in java... -0.16