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1716.17 (87th)
181,552 (277th)
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Title Δ
insert value in a list ignoring nan 0.00
Confusion with Python's all(). Any solution that is easier to u... 0.00
SyntaxError: invalid syntax - %pylab 0.00
Why does numpy.isin() behaves different when passed numpy.nan as a... 0.00
How to enqueue and dequeue objects to/from a priority queue in pyth... 0.00
Checking setuptools install_requires on testpypi 0.00
How to access same-named functions from multiple modules dynamically? -2.94
python3 decode str to utf8 +0.22
Is it possible to created nested virtual environments for python? 0.00
Sort a list by its respective value in a separate dictionary? +0.22
Combine a Ordereddict and default dict and dump it in a json file 0.00
Complete set of punctuation marks for Python (not just ASCII) +0.48
Python mock iterator function inside a class 0.00
If we use multiple assertion first assertion is failed how should i... 0.00
find_packages() does not include main project folder +1.02
There are class methods. Can I have class attributes? 0.00
I have 2 lists of tuples, how can I print the difference between th... +1.04
Single liner for converting dictionary values into a separate dicti... +0.86
Python3 When printing CR and some text, the text is not erased -2.37
How to instruct a magic mock on how it should treat its arguments +1.24
Does python cache or recalculate a function call on a while loop op... -0.61
Confused about python logging with config file (only logs what is s... 0.00
creating an eviroment with venv and python 2.x +0.22
Python __getattr__ executed multiple times 0.00
Boto3 : Download file from S3 0.00
How to get class name from class method? +0.24
Reasons for differences in memory consumption and performances of n... +0.23
In Python: Create a dictionary from a list of keys, but set all val... 0.00
Patching an object by reference rather than by name string? 0.00
Being told my code has too many "if" statements -1.78
Registration and scope of unittest addTypeEqualityFunc() 0.00
Checking mocks for equality 0.00
Python - Sorting a list by object attribute, in an order provided b... +0.60
How can a projective matrix be a vector with length 8? 0.00
Why ModuleNotFound when importing a module in a same directory? 0.00
Suppressing logs during tests 0.00
Control recursion on nested lists / strings 0.00
Reinstall packages automatically into virtual environment after Pyt... 0.00
pytest_sessionstart/finish won't print 0.00
How does Numpy deal with memory allocation when passed as arguments... 0.00
Run setup function from setuptools only if __name__ == "__main... +1.11
Python 2 Subprocess: Cannot get output from readline -0.28
Python 2.x: How to mock subprocess.Popen if stdin=PIPE 0.00
python wont let me import modules 0.00
python3 itertools.filterfalse is very slow. What are the alternativ... 0.00
ModuleNotFoundError even though module is in sys.path 0.00
Combine isalpha() and isspace() into 1 statement +0.83
Installing python package fails with Package 'example' requ... 0.00
How to get the arguments from a method call on a mocked object? +0.22
Converting Python complex string output like (-0-0j) into an equiva... +0.80