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1708.97 (109th)
181,552 (280th)
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Title Δ
Python: explicitly use default arguments +1.96
How to determine the modules available in a PyPI package 0.00
Is there a better way to merge items of a tuple that has a sublist... +1.17
Python String Encoding that uses &#x**; 0.00
Keep elements order inside OrderedDict -0.41
Python coroutines don't run concurrently with time.sleep()? 0.00
Does a file stays open if I open it and not assign it? 0.00
how to pass one param to argparse that will affect two options? 0.00
Which import mechanism is faster? -2.62
Efficiently remove duplicates, order-independent, from list of unor... +0.94
Load yaml file as dict 0.00
how to update pip's list of installed distributions after insta... 0.00
How can I make a Python string to include unicode code points? 0.00
Deleting elements in a list based on a spectific tuple value +1.21
Finding elements that are in strictly N of X lists +1.41
Difference between 'Directory' and 'Python Package'... 0.00
NameError even with a direct, unconditional assignment on the line... +0.23
How to run Python3 on Sublime Text 3 on macOS? -2.43
pip install -r all dependencies from the file except one 0.00
Is Python `list.extend(iterator)` guaranteed to be lazy? -3.03
Is there a way to call a method on definition of a subclass in Pyth... +1.17
How to subclass the builtin function class in Python? 0.00
unicodedata.normalize is missing one character doing conversion 0.00
Python: Do we really need wrappers for decorators? (Revisited) 0.00
How to create a Python class that is a subclass of another class, b... +0.23
How do you find the largest float below some value? 0.00
Python3 reimporting __builtins__ +0.09
How can I test a loop with multiple input calls? 0.00
Using DictReader to read a csv file that contains a variable number... 0.00
How to create a self-referential Python 3 Enum? +0.81
Disable pytest warnings capture in a single test -0.77
Python 'raise' without arguments: what is "the last ex... +0.93
Get list of all loaded python packages & versions, and variables +0.39
Adding `__getattr__` method to an existing object instance 0.00
assign variables to argparse not through command line -0.45
Python Dataclasses: FrozenInstanceError a subclass of AttributeError? 0.00
Dictionary size reduces upon increasing one element -0.52
How to tell the difference between a user-defined class and a built... -0.22
Python - Get number of items in list not equal to something +0.79
What (Unicode) digits are included in \w in Python regex? +0.55
find duplicates of items endings in a list -0.19
How does pytest.approx accomplish its magic? +0.24
How to add two non strings together...? 0.00
getting elements of array in python with a single line -0.73
How to access class instance variable as method parameter in Python... 0.00
How do I use PropertyMock to return requests response attributes in... 0.00
How to return two variables from a python function and access its v... 0.00
When can dict_values views be set-like (and why)? 0.00
ValueError: No module named 'notmigrations' during unit tests 0.00
How to import the module to test into the test module 0.00