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1491.63 (4,265,727th)
133 (582,639th)
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Title Δ
How to know cause of unzip returning code 81 0.00
Extract a non ZIP file to files on disk? 0.00
Ada: Re-exporting enum type values 0.00
Bug in AUnit which comes with GNAT 0.00
Ada encapsulation and private types 0.00
Can DEFLATE only compress duplicate strings up to 32 KiB apart? 0.00
Ada program to detect an end of line -1.94
How do you check if string ends with another string in Ada? +4.68
Ada: flexible Text_IO File_Type for redirecting output with SET_OUT... -3.39
Storing and using strings of varying length (ADA) -2.24
How to use a generic type? -3.28
How do I represent a complex number in ada? +4.13
Can I put pragma `Inline` in the body instead of the spec? 0.00
Use LZMA to codificate a stream of information 0.00
How to fix leaks memory valgrind using linekd list? +0.87
How do I handle an int** in Ada? 0.00
how to delete zip file while extracting it? 0.00
What does the 9 mean, in -r option: zip -r9 ${OLDPWD}/package .? 0.00
How to find out if an Ada file was compiled using static or dynamic... 0.00
Why higher compression level can result in big zip file? +0.01
Ada - Nullable type -3.96
(Ada 2012) compile-time error "expected private type... found... +5.07
Compare npm pack tarball with what's on NPM 0.00
Create zip with a pricise fixed size -2.18
Create zip with a pricise fixed size +3.82
Recreated LZMA differs from the original after 332 bytes - possible? 0.00
What is the optimal dictionary size for various compression algorit... -0.06
How do I interface with Windows system calls in the new manner of 6... -1.82
how to calculate name, date and time of zip file in winhex? 0.00
Array of array of records +0.57
Is there a way to access a file inside a .zip in a Linux environment 0.00
Can't use Zip command 0.00
Zip Archive - manually set the last modified on timestamp for the l... 0.00
What does => mean in Ada? -3.28
How to conditionaly check an hour difference between two dates in e... +0.02
A non-painful way to compile lzma library on Windows with Cmake/CLi... -3.98
Assigning slices of an array to a new array +1.34
Ada elaboration not occurring at all -2.59
Call Functions by String +1.28
How to debug a .zip generator algorithm? 0.00
GNAT Metric and RTL files 0.00
Does Zip uses a dictionary for compression? Is it possible to extra... 0.00
Random number generator for Ada on BBC MicroBit -1.43
Cant unzip file because of multiple files with same name in zip fil... 0.00
Why the ZIP APPNOTE on PKWARE website didn't mentioned the corr... 0.00