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Venki WAR

1472.49 (4,389,297th)
1,414 (114,103rd)
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Title Δ
'Intent' does not contain a definition for 'FLAG_ACTIVI... -2.49 version mismatch +0.15
Android program crashing with Null Pointer exception 0.00
why this.hashcode() is generating stackoverflowerror -2.97
How to get unique device numer in Android? +0.02
ASPX page with spaces in URL cannot be read 0.00
How to convert format (2018-04-12T03:00:00.000Z) to Date from java.... -2.08
showing error for creating table with foreign key +5.00
Difference between apache httpd and nginx 0.00
convert utc to local time in iran +2.96
I need to show time 24 hrs format to 12 (am/pm) hrs format 0.00
How to get location without internet using intent service? 0.00
Difference between using X.push(?) or X[index] =? +0.20
Broadcast receiver not being triggered 0.00
How can I achieve USB tethering/debugging enabling programmatically? 0.00
Launch an application at the time of Start up 0.00
What is different between Toast lengthLong and lengthShort? 0.00
Android merging dex error -0.84
Android studio: how to pass customed objects in intent -3.73
Generate RegExr for a String -2.65
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/mail/util/LineInputStream f... -3.98 or -3.79
Json to csv in below format -3.79
Exception: Cannot reset 0.00
android:ellipsize="marquee" not working +0.74
Message grade build is showing error +4.25
Explanation needed about Parallel Full GC for G1 +2.99
Which HTTP version is claimed to be the fastest? 0.00
Getting the path to SD card -3.83
Is AIDE supporting for Firebase? +0.19
Cannot connect to server via domain name but IP works 0.00
How to calculate Age from Date of Birth in Angular 5? +0.16
TimePickerDialog in a Fragment Class -2.73
I'm seeing strange ActionLink behaviour, why is the url display... -3.49
Android Collapsing Toolbar remove elevation and shadow -0.78
Fails to crop video with ratio height = width using FFMpeg on Andro... -4.67
Maven ear plugin - "doubled" artifact when not using clean -2.40
read multiple inputs from same line in java +0.05
Convert xls to xlsx with Apple Script 0.00