An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.14 (4,190,782nd)
1,201 (131,008th)
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Title Δ
Read from Text File and Save to Two or Three Variables +0.86
Operator comma overloading -1.32
What are the possible effects of a unavoidable call of abort()? -1.93
C++ 11 Smart Pointer usage -1.72
Randomly generate date & time in C++ +4.69
What is the difference between declaring a variable directly and us... -0.37
Xcode 5.1 enable C++14 0.00
C++11 regex doesn't match the string -3.15
On exceptions in C++ destructors, are all properties automatically... -2.41
In C, when might the names "forgiveme" and "forgivem... +0.85
When is it most beneficial to use a virtual function instead of ove... 0.00
Confused in appending Strings in Java -0.75
Splitting a huge text file (2Gb+) into 2 chunks in C++ -3.76
Avoiding memory leak -2.47
Simplest way to initialize multiple related const properties in a c... +2.71
Recommendations for C/C++ remote message queues -1.43
Why is a return needed in the overloaded operator = for objects? -2.18
is VAR |= 1 << 2; reverisble? +1.46
Java and generics -2.98
How to create an InputStream from an array of strings -2.04
function to return a string in java -1.82
synchronized write operation in C +0.09
Trouble tracking down a Bus Error/Seg Fault in C++ and Linux -2.07
Having issues with execvp() -2.94
C++ Exception Handling Failures +0.06
A good Lua editor for Mac? +0.58
How to use ifstream of C++ to read from a file using length of the... -0.21
Question about iterating through array in c++ -2.03
Are mutex lock functions sufficient without volatile? -0.09
popen() alternative -1.94
scanf and gets buffer -0.99
Automatic variables in c++ -3.20
SQLite with Ansi C and xCode 0.00
execl behavior in unix -3.44
Simple 32 to 64-bit transition? -2.96
How to kill a child process by the parent process? -3.44
Job Scheduling - crontab the best solution? -1.71
Consequences of caching string length in a native C++ class? +0.96
HTML Page with a C Server? +0.28
Is there a way to set a php variable via JavaScript -1.08
How can i implement AND and OR operations in c++ -3.57
Behavior of the C++ extraction operator when used to read into a st... +1.84
What is meant by adding a column in bits? -1.35
C char pointer vs pointer to char array, increment dynamic allocation -3.56
global vars vs local vars -3.90
Why can't a duplicate variable name be declared in a nested local s... -1.15
Delete a line in an ofstream in C++ -3.20
padding with sprintf -1.88
memory replacing in C? +4.09
having a path to file how to check if it is executable? -0.48