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Patrick Haugh

1601.87 (1,654th)
32,184 (3,697th)
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Title Δ
on_member_ban() and on_member_remove() in 0.00
Disable discord "Incorrect command" error? 0.00 Run a command on start-up 0.00
How can I convert a string with the emoji name into a discord emoji? 0.00
How could I create commands using methods from a class in discord.p... 0.00
How i can get a costum Error handling in Cog File? Python Discordbot 0.00
Calling a command from another command 0.00
How to check a permission value of a text channel? [] 0.00 overwrite in create_text_channel permissions 0.00
How to check if a message contains a channel mention ( 0.00
showing some kinda runtime error for the progran that prints YES if... 0.00
Creating and adding row for each loop 0.00
command.MissingRole(missing_role) errorHandling 0.00
Python Discord private message without another user 0.00
Conditional statements for aliases 0.00
Do add_roles and remove_roles "hit" the discord service i... 0.00
Different prefix for each Cog? 0.00
How to fix Unknown message (404) in 0.00
Before and after Member update 0.00
Get All Members from a Guild in 0.00
await client.wait_for does not detect embeds without plain text dis... 0.00
Toggling command access - 0.00
Discord bot: attaching a random image from list (Python) 0.00
How can I make a command that can only be triggered once? 0.00
discord.ext.commands.errors.BadArgument: Converting to "ABCMet... 0.00
Conditional statements with wait_for for user authentication 0.00
Get a List of Reactions on a Message 0.00
Raw reaction event doesn't work in discord py 0.00 to resist the result "None" if the member... 0.00
How to use multiple decorators on an async function? 0.00
discord:py highest role among a list of specific roles 0.00
Command working fine but I get error whenever I dm the bot. [discor... 0.00 sum between counts 0.00
Sync channel permissions with category permissions 0.00 tried to make blacklist system 0.00
How to return list of members in a specific voice channel in discor... 0.00
Splitting strings with 0.00 how to connect random choices 0.00 chain subcommands 0.00
client.private_channels and member.dm_channel are 'None' 0.00 Rewrite: How to get the guild when member joins 0.00
How do I use bot.anything with cogs? 0.00
I made a loop for my bot but it won't run 0.00
( How can I make my setprefix command work properly? 0.00
How can I unload a command inside a cog discordpy? 0.00
Saving an array of all server members using 0.00
How do i lock a channel that is mentioned? 0.00 getting all text channels under a certain category 0.00 creating text channel in a specific category 0.00 commands run twice 0.00