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Rating Stats for

Hamed Moghadasi

1515.98 (41,749th)
311 (400,755th)
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Title Δ
Failed to create login in ASP.NET using Entity Framework 0.00
"404Not Found" error when testing a Rest API by Postman 0.00
Deserialize key/value XML data to C# object +3.74
Issue with Foreign keys and columns with Entity Framework 0.00
How to conntect those two Entities 0.00
Bind multiple parameters from route and body to a model in ASP.NET... +3.88
How to map a nested entities which both are attached to other singl... 0.00
How to create a where condition to an object inside an object in c#... +0.07
Entity Framework: object returns with an empty list at first, but t... 0.00
bool does not contain a definition for ToList() 0.00
Cannot implicitly convert type 'void' to 'string',... +3.74
Remove an object from List of dynamic object 0.00
Change class for selected div only -2.12
How to send progress success message after every bulk operation in... +0.10
Not all properties visible in Visual Studio IntelliSense for UIAuto... 0.00
Unable to get Web API controller method's URL 0.00
how can i show two tables in single view in MVC 0.00
How to convert to camel casing after a symbol? +0.63
How to post form to third party using .net core 0.00
How to join multiple tables to one table with lambda expression? +5.03
Problems adding Identity to ASP.NET Core project using EntityFramew... 0.00
Ajax call is failing but isn't throwing an error when debugging +4.03
How to pass form data to ViewModel Properties? 0.00
Navigation Properties not returning when included using a loop +0.06
How can I do route configuration in ASP.NET MVC? +2.10
There is no argument that corresponds to the required formal paramter 0.00
The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY SAME TABLE con... 0.00
This console app code runs once then close when i hit enter but i n... 0.00
Getting user input, ingredient and price and return the cheapest an... 0.00
While I'm trying to add new migration, I get this exception 0.00
Entity Framework Core: load related data after object is queried +2.05
In LINQ, how a DbSet, collection of entities of one table can point... 0.00
EFCore query with multiple where clause that together act as AND bu... 0.00
Asp.Net Core 3.1 Data is retrieved but not saved into database -4.22
Are Data Annotations & Fluent APIs in MVC are client side &... 0.00
Entity Framework - Saving list of records from a datatable to a SQL... 0.00
Razor Pages Entity Framework Database Context Can't Do Commands +0.05
No overload for method 'Entity' takes 1 arguments in Entity... +4.35
EF core 3.0 Identity column and ValueConverter +4.00
How to Insert a record in database using dropdownlist In mvc? 0.00 MVC Many to Many Junction Table 0.00
index was out of range. must be non-negative and less than the size... 0.00
What's the difference between these two singleton class structu... +4.33
Error when in the edit view in rhe savechanges 0.00
Binding command parameter of data grid context menu to selected row... -0.90
no accessible extension method -3.73
Display button doesn't show anything even if I did everything c... 0.00
regex for Iraninan ID Serial number -4.02
Posted model to controller via ajax is null +3.92
How to address many ellipses with different name in c# with for loop 0.00