An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1490.08 (4,414,873rd)
1,369 (118,216th)
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Title Δ
pass list as a argument to spark sql statement 0.00
Merge two columns in a single DataFrame and count the occurrences u... -0.62
Nested list to table python +0.50
Is it okey to use lambda in this case? -0.57
How to remove a specific line that contains a specific string? +0.41
How to print specific index of one list, into another list? 0.00
How to get date of an event by web scraping in python(Beautiful Sou... +0.52
Create a list of each element after an iteration of list comprehens... 0.00
Extracting table from UPS website using BeautifulSoup 0.00
Search Lists in dict for Value, if found return dict identifier -0.86
Python Beautifulsoup, get href tag, in a tag -0.99
Save a whole web page instead of basic html with python requests fo... +0.02
How to extract only the "https" contained link using beau... -1.25
Subscripting a soup object's <h3> tag text 0.00
Why does my for loop only check the last item? 0.00
Python : Is there a way to get the names of last three Month Names? +0.29
Hot to unit test when content_type is dictionary 0.00
url open returns errors on some websites and not others 0.00
Trimming strings (date, time) in pandas dataframe -0.75
Cannot convert value or type of items in Python list +1.05
BeautifulSoup trying to get selected value scraping IMDB but gettin... +0.52
Selenium & Beautiful Soup scraping is returning an unexpected r... 0.00
Finding the most frequent strings in a list neglecting case sentivity -1.00
Individually check the truth value for array elements 0.00
Web scraping specific information only using python -2.07
No elements found when using BeatifulSoup find_all +0.50
BeautifulSoup Web Scraping to find values of a specific key within... +1.26
Python open() as write giving wrong encoding in json 0.00
Passsing arrays arguments in Python using BeautifulSoup +2.15
How to scrape the javascript element by using requests and buetiful... 0.00
How to create html table uing python +2.74
beautifulsoup - filter text of anchor tag +1.62
The count only increment upto 1. It doesn't count more than one... +0.03
Separating lines with multiple values in one cell to individual lin... -2.15
Select some rows in python 2d list 0.00
Adding multi-line text to a single cell in a csv after _scraping_ a... 0.00
Where do we put the "html.parser" argument when web scrap... +0.52
Web scraping a text element after 2 consecutive spans 0.00
BeautifulSoup extract div text without div in it +0.52
How to find duplicate cell and remove entire row in a CSV with python 0.00
I can´t get all the data while Web Scraping +0.05
When creating a python dict using two lists, how do I make it if th... -0.43
Using BeautifulSoup to get text from <pre> element +0.52
How do I map keys and values of a dictionary to json array? 0.00
How to access a specific object in a class HTML while web scraping... +0.51
Python map variables from list +2.01
How to extract the elements from list of dictionary of dictionary +0.07
How to multiply a list of columns in a column +0.52
Retrieved data from site using BeautifulSoup is different than data... -0.93
Split the data in the specific column in the DataFrame +0.53