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Jim Rogers

1507.98 (88,282nd)
1,211 (130,480th)
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Title Δ
How to add vectors in Ada 0.00
How do i prevent this loop from reading if the input ends on a space? 0.00
CS50 PSET2 : Simply can't figure out how to implement isalpha s... 0.00
Formal parameter "Item" is not referenced 0.00
How to write a population-growth table in Ada? 0.00
Ada pattern for bit fields 0.00
Use of exceptions in Ada 0.00
Bounded buffer problem - Why producer can only fill up n–1 buffer? 0.00
Drawing Bowling Pins (pyramid) with Recursion in Ada -1.84
Matching a file's string length with a file's integer 0.00
How do you check if string ends with another string in Ada? -2.33
Waking up multiple threads to work once per condition 0.00
Drawing a flag with diagonal crosses in a V-Shape (ADA) +4.07
Drawing a flag with diagonal crosses in a V-Shape (ADA) -1.26
ADA integer types? 0.00
I am getting raised TASKING_ERROR in Ada +3.59
Passing an array to a function in Ada +3.29
I am getting same value for every time in rand() in C -2.79
How to use a generic type? +0.61
What is the best way to check if ALL values in a range exist in an... +3.91
C programming: Decimal to Hexidecimal +0.06
How do I represent a complex number in ada? -4.13
Array loop starting after the first index in Ada? +4.08
Why is this code in C not returning a decimal value like expected? +4.43
Array length in C language -2.36
Why an error when ORing switch case values? +1.16
In a SPSC framework condition_variable.notify_one() is not signalli... 0.00
Problems with sums of chars in C -2.47
What can make the output of a simple ada program indent, when not t... 0.00
Producer producing data every one second and Consumer consuming aft... -4.61
Producer and consumer missing data 0.00
Passing struct/record from assembler to Ada 0.00
C++ multithreading producer-consumer problem -4.19
Push a record datatype into a stack 0.00
Newbie question on Ada generic package with a protected object -2.78
How to debug an Ada program? 0.00
Wrong Answer in Online Judge (CODECHEF) +1.71
Questions about implementation of worker tasks controlled by single... +4.13
How to call a task many times in Ada -2.24
Ada: Array length modification when adding anew element -1.28
Segmentation Fault during runtime elaboration: Ada -1.85
Generate a random duration 0.00
How can I get this dispatching call to work? +2.61
Ada subtype equivalent in C++ +1.30
Getting values of fields in a task +4.04
How do I dynamically create a fixed size array in Ada? +4.20
Enum literal also used as parameter name 0.00
H2O producer java threads lock , reentrant lock -4.06
How to use Assert and loop_invariants 0.00
What does => mean in Ada? +2.63