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1464.40 (4,525,592nd)
8,789 (17,721st)
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Title Δ
How to exit from bash script if it started with timeout? +0.16
How do I mock a legacy object in this code below? -0.79
Enforce someone to use only factory for creating objects +0.00
Having trouble getting data from a website with JSoup 0.00
Clarification on math expression using prefix increment operator an... +0.03
Java: is there any risk to depend on field initializing sequence? -1.57
How to enforce order of setting parameters through Builder Pattern -1.01
JUnit multiple test in single class -1.47
Is there any way to get notifications in process when a thread chan... +2.67
Are these two tasks executed concurrently? -1.75
How Thread.currentThread().getName() implemented in java? +0.34
Calling ps on Linux from Java -0.43
Notify a separate JVM to preform a task -0.89
change date 5 digits int to date string in java 0.00
Run direct by eclipse work but upload war file in webapps , then st... 0.00
How to get Scrapy Response in Scrapy Shell +2.22
Get content inside element tags when parsing 0.00
Cannot retrieve url when parsing +0.54
Python not working when converted to Python Scrapy R... 0.00
find_parent() method implementation - BeautifulSoup 0.00
Scrapy FormRequest How to check if URL is needed 0.00
Python find first occurrence of character after index -0.32
about xpath when using scrapy +0.57
Difference between contains() predicate testing in XPath? -1.40
For Loop iterate over div in Beautiful Soup 0.00
How to concatenate a string to the rule in scrapy? 0.00
Python Pagination Loop 0.00
How do I pull <b> text </b> underneath an href tag with... -0.61
How to scrape country-bound website 0.00
BeautifulSoup for Div inside div(s) in python -1.59
Scraping data with Scrapy and Xpath 0.00
After finding all the links and texts using find_all in Beautiful S... 0.00
XPATH 1.0: compare IP addresses 0.00
Scraping data off for tickets and fares 0.00
Python HTML Table to JSON 0.00
Python and BeautifulSoup, find and print dd list items by finding t... +0.55
Scrapy Post data to URL 0.00
Remove long dash from string +0.56
Beautifulsoup4 Python extracting data 0.00
Can someone help me to scrap html using Beautifulsoup? +0.02
Fetching correct node using css selector in Beautiful Soup? -0.87
Xpath contains apostrophe (') or quotation (") 0.00
One XPath expression for different tags 0.00
lxml xpath() not returning what I expect 0.00
Grabbing instagram feed using Python +0.54
RIDE Robot framework Select from dynamic list 0.00
BeautifulSoup: nested elements +0.44
Python Regular Expression extract only image in html without </i... -0.55
Get the title of a link using BeautifulSoup +0.55
Beautifulsoup FindAll by class attribute -0.45