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John Kugelman

1715.61 (88th)
260,362 (158th)
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Title Δ
Why can I update member variables in a const member function? 0.00
Why is pthread_join() returning 0 instead of the return value from... 0.00
Nested backquote in find command on Linux 0.00
Java web server compare if-modified-since with last modified 0.00
Get Ubuntu version number only with bash 0.00
how to pass bash variable as ssh-keygen argument? 0.00
Why worng answer in counting digit in numbers with python3 with rig... 0.00
Git Sync local with remote 0.00
Duplicate of the same docker configuration with different projects 0.00
BASH Shell Interactive Session - How to fix ASCII art animation out... 0.00
Can't increment variable in bash shorthand if else condition 0.00
CompletableFuture chaining 0.00
Game of Life GUI in Java - Expression is always false 0.00
Using realloc to increase size vs creating bigger dynamic array 0.00
Why can't I remove an element gotten by peek() from the Priorit... 0.00
Need help fixing an algorithm that approximates pi +1.15
Shebang in JavaScript ignored when executed as command in Docker wi... +1.21
Is there a more efficient way to write a really long "if elif&... -3.03
Conditional jump or move - Valgrind 0.00
How to write a nested array where the inner arrays are different le... 0.00
BASH test if file name ends with .dylib -0.33
Searching for correct array syntax to match isset($options[self::SO... +0.96
Python Regular Expression Why Quantifier (+) is not greedy 0.00
C++ exercises - algorithm type +0.21
Removing extra formatting from a python list element ( [''] ) 0.00
Check if script is running by bash instead of any other shell +0.97
"Cannot find or load main class" in an online IDE 0.00
Avoiding unnamed lambda parameter 0.00
How do you calculate the height of balanced Binary Search Tree in O... 0.00
Map wrapper getting values overridden 0.00
Arrays in Bash Shell 0.00
Compare output stream performance 0.00
Boolean operator precedence +1.10
Is there a way to run a command after a specified command 0.00
Large list generation memory managment 0.00
BASH - getopts regular expression in OPTARG 0.00
A Question about LockSupport.getBlocker(Thread t) in Java +0.24
How can different values be used as the same parameter one after an... 0.00
Why does the below code have a syntax error? +0.23
Print program path and its symlink using which -0.27
How to compare the user input values in a default list? 0.00
How do I change the values of a nested list without flattening it? -3.05
What does COMMAND in 'docker ps' mean? -0.28
Passing in parameters for super and subclasses? +1.03
Cannot coerce HashSet<&str> into HashSet<&String> 0.00
How to print unique values in order of appearance? 0.00
Why is the syntax invalid in this Python one-liner using a for-loop? -1.09
Is "exit ${?}" correct to use in bash? -0.11
Is it safe to return local struct variable's member variable? -1.17
In a bash pipe, take the output of the previous command as a variab... -2.09