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John Kugelman

1685.11 (202nd)
254,424 (159th)
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Title Δ
Is there an implementation of ByteBuffer that allows for dynamic gr... 0.00
fscanf: is error or EOF possible without EOF returned? 0.00
Sanity check on reflexive docker Image building? 0.00
Delete file not affecting StreamWriter in Linux 0.00
Is there a git command to beautify the output of git diff between t... 0.00
Can a function that executes periodically and when it receives a si... 0.00
Linux Shell pipe (print) output of a command that expects file argu... 0.00
How to typecast const class pointer to int* using c++ style typecas... 0.00
Why does swapping the LHS and RHS of an equation give an error? 0.00
Why is O(n) better than O( nlog(n) )? 0.00
How the execution order of interrupt is working in this program? 0.00
Why is heap corruption happening? 0.00
Finding the largest palindrome number 0.00
How to enable yum repo inside a docker container 0.00
Unable to copy the file to docker host 0.00
final in constructor and property 0.00
Unexpected or empty output from tee command 0.00
How to loop through given arguments to print argument name and valu... 0.00
Docker file not found, but I can see it 0.00
Git merge but abort all local changes 0.00
How to delete latest commit on remote branch? 0.00
How to loop through an output and format the result into a new repo... 0.00
How can I find the length of a character pointer using strlen() in C? 0.00
Negative lookbehind on a capture group 0.00
Time Complexity of "in" (containment operator) 0.00
Javascript and its one single thread 0.00
How to use control operator after a heredoc in bash 0.00
Problem with gcc -c parameter and set an outfile 0.00
How can I transform this statement into a ternary? 0.00
C++ creating new operators and overloading the current ones 0.00
How to run commands in parallel in bash? 0.00
mkdir no such file or directory syntax error? 0.00
Multiple Generic Types 0.00
List of List of Numbers with a Bounded wildcard type 0.00
Java force Object::toString 0.00
Bash not finding file 0.00
Do system call in Linux involve thread switching 0.00
Unexpected output for bash argument equality check 0.00
Why I am not getting a value when i call a function within another... 0.00
Check even parity from byte 0.00
Java 8 nested null check for a string in a map in a list 0.00
what does " set -- ${@:2} " mean in bash shell 0.00
Can these C codes be refactored this way? 0.00
The rm -f command in my Makefile is not working 0.00
The command '/bin/sh -c pip install -r requirements.txt' re... 0.00
What happens when you mv a folder that a docker container volume is... 0.00
How to printf $@ 0.00
List names of files in current directory that don't have number... 0.00
How to split break lines with Bash scripts? 0.00
Casting reference variable without the double parentheses 0.00