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John Kugelman

1716.22 (92nd)
260,362 (158th)
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Title Δ
Is using globals() or locals() to avoid the creation of a rarely ne... 0.00
What is wrong with my Cost per oz Calculations 0.00
What's the meaning of assigning one variable with 2 values in J... 0.00
How can a Stack of Push Down Automata accept a string of Indefinite... 0.00
"Unexpected $end" when using bash variables 0.00
Passing argument 2 of "write" makes pointer from integer... 0.00
Pass array variable to and from a nested bash script 0.00
Bash - logging function - printf 0.00
Can single quotes be preserved when passing a variable to a command... 0.00
Why the output of this code is 1 (infinite)? 0.00
How to use a Builder for different length of input? 0.00
exec "tail -f xxx" with rust 0.00
How do I make printf() print output in the correct order? 0.00
Combine output of two grep results without spaces in between 0.00
User input never enters if statement 0.00
Python argument parsing from bash variable 0.00
Trying to count the amount of objects created 0.00
Problem with even indexes in Java program 0.00
How to store filenames with spaces in a variable and pass them to c... 0.00
How to pipe stdout from one command into a clean terminal view? 0.00
Need help for batch files renaming 0.00
Why is null not an object in Java, if it can be assigned to any ref... 0.00
Multiple generics with Into<PathBuf> 0.00
What is the tractability of the problem of traversing all the permu... 0.00
Is Execution time or Result time correct? 0.00
How do I run my docker container after loading it without running d... 0.00
What is the common industry practice regarding recursion? Or how do... 0.00
What is this pointer and memory code printing? I don't know if... 0.00
python if __name__ == "__main__": IndentationError: expec... 0.00
Java While loop extra conditions 0.00
How to solve "[: too many arguments" error, when testing... 0.00
Incorrect SHA256 from nodejs crypto 0.00
Very Beginner Problem in Python While Loop 0.00
Trying to rename files using two txt files but not getting the righ... 0.00
Why does async-std's task::spawn prevent subsequent lines of co... 0.00
How do I access the single String field of the svg::node::Value tup... 0.00
Ambiguous call of overloaded class method 0.00
Build SQL where clause with optional from and to dates +0.54
How do I use parens '()' in a find command when building op... -2.57
What is the difference between tokio::spawn(my_future).await and ju... 0.00
why it does not start from the first line of array? 0.00
Variables lose their values after loop +0.22
Why many projects don't provide a pre-compiled binary file? +0.22
Read STDIN using syscall READ in Linux: unconsumed input is sent to... +1.42
How to declare a function pointer? +1.16
How do I insert into a hashmap inside a struct? 0.00
Find all files above a size and truncate? +1.33
How does this work to count number of lines in a file? no_of_lines=... 0.00
for loop - Not enough values to unpack (expected 3, got 2) but I am... -1.22
How to run a command when Docker container restarts -0.29