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Rating Stats for

John Kugelman

1711.99 (100th)
260,362 (158th)
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Title Δ
How to compare content of two scripts 0.00
Why does opening a named pipe non-blockingly return an invalid file... 0.00
Why doesn't my regex work in my bash script? -0.25
'find /Users …' works, but 'find . …' and 'find... +0.77
docker/docker-compose build --pull behavior +0.23
How to 'cd' to the output of the 'find' command in... 0.00
Makefile No such file or directory 0.00
Is there some command that would guarantee stop of further processi... +0.37
delete specific files and retain some +0.65
How can I run bash script without .sh extension? 0.00
Can I access my union using the arrow operator (->)? 0.00
Excecute .sh file on start of Docker container and let container run +0.22
Why does echo `cat file` lose all formatting? +0.83
Output file empty for Bash script that does "find" using... 0.00
It is possible to mix options and arguments? 0.00
Properly nesting conditionals in if statements 0.00
What happens when pointers are typecasted? 0.00
Why is not swap done? -1.58
Multiple conditions always returning positive 0.00
Is there a way to format the width of a substring within a string i... +0.62
Shell wildcard/glob for optional string in a makefile 0.00
Optimal way to apply a conditional If statement +0.23
bash 'ls' can't find the file after checking that file... 0.00
How to best read ByteBuffer twice? 0.00
Run pipe for each item in bash array +1.08
Declare a variable of a class without creating an instance of it +0.50
Not able to echo prstat -a command -0.79
how to fix "file.cmpr: unknown suffix -- ignored" 0.00
Need help understanding how GCC compilation work on linux and macOS +0.45
Passing variables to cp / mv +0.22
What's wrong with my use of generator expression? +0.73
Why there is more `deconstructor` calls than `constructor` calls? 0.00
What does this pattern mean? 0.00
What is the difference between a normal class object and a wrapper... 0.00
its a 'x' which floats on the output screen and moves in re... 0.00
eval printf works from command line but not in script 0.00
Dockerfile COPY and RUN in one layer +0.67
export doesn't work to change the execution path 0.00
Dummy downsize after Docker build +1.01
How to convert the binary number 0.1011111... to fraction number 0.00
In Java, can i extract a single field from a list of objects and as... +1.47
Bash Script : Check if number starts with 0.00
Writing a script to copy two files from each directory to each of t... +0.24
How to collect the logs and output from a program and pass them int... -0.01
How do i find the license key for this program? 0.00
Void function call as expressions +1.41
How to convert list to dictionary in python with key value? -1.77
Is there a Math.floorDiv(a, b), but for BigInteger? +1.67
overlapping memmove best practice +1.18
changing $IFS in group command is half persistent +1.44