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John Kugelman

1686.96 (193rd)
245,526 (159th)
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Title Δ
Write a program to determine if a given list possesses an additive... -0.51
Varying behavior when using named pipe with background process 0.00
Which is better optimized, to check if a list is empty or just iter... 0.00
why strcat works weird in loop? 0.00
Adding multiple "randomly generated" objects to ArrayList... 0.00
How to get the second word of a string in shell? +1.21
How to escape and store shell command line arguments into one argum... 0.00
Lambdas and list comprehension 0.00
Create new file using heredoc in Bash 0.00
Are evals concurrently safe across targets? 0.00
Storing doubles into a 2D array 0.00
Looking at user input to see if it is a float, always coming back a... 0.00
How to create builder chain +0.26
Bash: If variable name is a specific pattern of chars do -2.80
zip() and zip(*) seem to give similar results 0.00
How can I modify my code to print a variable outside, that was init... +0.96
Check for a substring in a String and move its order in the main st... 0.00
remove all characters after last occurence of a pattern +0.05
Semantic versioning: minor or major change? 0.00
How do you determine the legal index range for an array? +0.22
In Python how the write output of a command into a file -2.14
How to use *args and self in Python constructor -1.59
Chaining completable futures based on conditions -0.87
Java LinkedList has empty constructor in its source code 0.00
UNIX Not in condition to file files 0.00
What is the meaning of : `ls -lt | grep - | head -1 | awk '{pri... 0.00
Compare strings if contains in bash -0.27
Case statement not working in bash, conditions not apply 0.00
How to store distinct characters of a string -1.79
Bash extended globbing bug? 0.00
C, data structure 0.00
If no int/long arguments then don't print out sum 0.00
Finding files with certain extension +0.25
How do I print char[] in Java? 0.00
Bash exits after executing one command instead executing the rest o... 0.00
Formatting the logs in specific format 0.00
Is using readlines() the better approach than creating a List? 0.00
Is there efficient way to validate many variables with appropriate... -0.73
Outputting amount of prime numbers from a user input range 0.00
How to generate output to a folder in bash shell 0.00
Is there a more simple way to check multiple variables in an if sta... -2.00
Is there a more simple way to check multiple variables in an if sta... +2.00
When are enum values defined? -1.09
syntax error not sure what its saying or how to fix it 0.00
Issue converting double to boolean 0.00
C++ compound assignment and type conversion issue +1.43
Optional Default Parameters? 0.00
Trim white space and optional quotes from string RegEx -2.71
Get the value after rx: in a line 0.00
Dynamic memory allocation and pointers? 0.00