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John Kugelman

1702.27 (123rd)
148,753 (158th)
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Title Δ
command line piping output to command on next line +0.28
Is there a way to stop the __init__ method from executing? -0.26
Why we cannot inherit a class with the private constructor in Java? -0.69
Split Bash String That Contain '&&' +0.23
Having trouble with Echo 0.00
Bash multi-line command with input | output -0.19
Is this a good coding practice for python? +0.22
How to name a file with current time? 0.00
pipe content of 2 files to 2 different parameters in bash +0.24
My Grep command is not working at all `grep -orE "<Table[\n... 0.00
How to send data in little endian order C +1.34
Is there an easier way for making a List in a HashMap inside anothe... +0.23
Short tar script: 'command not found' when trying to add to... 0.00
Is plus (+) part of basic regular expressions? +1.29
What does $d do in printf? -0.08
xargs -0 produce new line +0.54
How to define a struct of several strings in it? +0.37
Return List from forEach using Stream in java +0.80
Redirect if something follows a directory, but not the directory it... -0.27
Waiting on multiple semaphores or multiple message queues -1.40
Script to check if a webpage has changed 0.00
Separate Thread won't run, blocking main UI -0.42
Parameter expansion for find command 0.00
Pipeline | in bash usage? 0.00
I'm getting some errors when I try to implement a generic datat... 0.00
How to check if two objects contain the same words regardless of or... +1.60
How can I split a file with a custom suffix? 0.00
How to set first line of the command output to a variable in bash +0.23
How can you specify a BigInteger with a maximum number of bits of t... 0.00
Set a variable equal to the output of a command containing non-comm... 0.00
Delete a folder named ~ in unix -1.55
Regex takes 141k steps - any way to improve? -1.68
Bash IF folder contains subdirectory named x -1.95
What is wrong in my approach to create a list of integers using Int... +0.90
bash build list of options for find 0.00
In Shell Script i have implemented argument as Key Value pair, if a... 0.00
Until loop - Why it's still working when the condition is true +0.89
Extended Regular Expression: Find a Word That is Not Part of Anothe... +0.95
Bash: Add elements to array in for loop 0.00
How can I stop execution of a bash script, whether or not it's... +1.97
Send terminal output of software to file or /dev/null -1.32
"or" boolean in an inline "if" statement +1.65
Bash | GREP list of hostname | While and For Loop 0.00
Python one line implementation of if-else 0.00
Bash for loop showing unwanted files/directories +0.24
Passing a 'command with a pipe' as a bash function parameter 0.00
Truncate output to exactly one page -0.76
Array sort leaves one element in the wrong position +0.85
Cleanly overwrite last output as displayed on the terminal in Bash... +0.24
Why return the queue when using dequeue? +0.27