An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1598.81 (1,828th)
23 (1,492,655th)
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Title Δ
Multiple classes need access to a static variable +0.37
How does malloc work within wrapper function? +1.04
Wrong output for reading data from file into program +0.36
Is there an alternative to atof in C++ 0.00
Is it possible to print specific lines out of this code? +1.46
What does fseek do? 0.00
How to obtain the child process PID in C -0.14
C Programming; Word, Character and Line Count K&R 1-11 +0.36
Strange symbols when using printf in C 0.00
Allocating a 2-dimensional structure array with malloc -0.97
mat-datepicker shows wrong calendar in format MMM d 0.00
EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION using "strcpy" within a function -1.84
C menu problem with a validating loop (to many prints) +0.36
What does (unsigned long)1 and *(unsigned long *) mean? 0.00
How to calculate the sum of individual elements from two 2D arrays? +0.36
How to transform this memcpy into a for? -1.23
Print (work with) substrings in a C program +0.84
Initialize array within a structure -2.88
Freeing array of struct of array and reusing it cause malloc: Incor... 0.00
A little problem with functions and arrays +0.48
Trouble passing data into a pointer in C 0.00
How do I compile a self made header in C with gcc? 0.00
Converting a string to all CAPS and returning it from a function 0.00
Strange 10 value gets printed when I print inputed characters by th... +2.48
Parsing an integer in a string 0.00
Trying to create many objects of the same class in C++ without vect... +1.02
Dynamic arrays and pointer notation -0.41
angular - How to get the value of a variable declared inside a comp... 0.00
Why does writing to one more array member cause an issue? -1.17
Bootstrap buttons and text relative and vertical alignment +0.91
How do I read a .csv file and save it into a 2d array? -0.13
Retrieve pointer that can acess all the elements of arrays stored i... +1.45
How do I correctly return an array from a function? +1.76
How to properly deference a char** pointer passed as an address to... -2.31
Why do my conditions (IF statements) return false? 0.00
Pushing an array of pointers into a std::vector avoiding copying th... 0.00
I am not able to write whitespace separated string into a file in C... +1.54
Input cycle loops twice when given two values 0.00
Sorting command line args 0.00
when copying strings from one text file to another, the last line i... +1.56
Pointer Arrays and Functions CPP +0.36
Error: member - "Graph::V" is not a type name -1.50
How to push_back() C array into std::vector -1.78
Strange output when using union type members +1.66
Can we call (void *)0 a void pointer in C? -1.72
How to reduce the time in this program? +0.53
How to loop through numbers stored in separte variables? -1.03
Adding numbering ahead of code for fscanf output -0.66
Passing array of structs with reference - segmentation fault +0.59
How does memory allocation work and when does it happen? +0.40