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Rob Lachlan

1546.87 (8,754th)
10,167 (14,935th)
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Title Δ
There is a fast way to use Clojure vectors as matrices? -0.01
Idiomatic clojure for ith and i+1th element looping +4.17
Using Clang++ in Makefile in place of G++ 0.00
How to apply "filter" based on regular expression? 0.00
Does anybody know any Clojure machine learning framework? +3.55
Web development: Building a graph and running an algorithm -4.45
How do I see the methods associated with an object in Clojure? +2.47
Implementing a data model to prevent common errors +3.26
Clojure Method Missing -4.52
Why does Clojure have 5 ways to define a class instead of just one? +4.07
Options for creating Java classes in Clojure -3.24
division without using '/' +0.86
How to get the cut-set using the Edmonds–Karp algorithm? +4.01
Rewriting Wizard game of Land of Lisp in Clojure +3.70
State of the Art for Clojure Documentation Tools +3.91
Writing datastructures requiring pointers/references in Clojure? +3.63
Idomatic way to iterate through all pairs of a collection in Clojure +1.88
What are the allowed characters in a Clojure keyword? +3.69
On performance of Clojure's `first` function +3.82
How do I get core clojure functions to work with my defrecords +5.09
How does Actors work compared to threads? 0.00
Best data structure to store one million values? +0.87
Kolmogorov Complexity Approximation Algorithim +0.96
Clojure for trading strategies 0.00
Enumerating m-tuples of Integers Subject to Implication Constraints 0.00
Is conjure-contrib.jar not standardized now? +3.90
Graph Hamiltonian Path with DNA Computing 0.00
What is the correct "clojure way" to check if a collectio... -2.97
Why isn't this running in constant space (and how do I make it so i... -3.56
Defining Clojure multimethods -2.07
When and how should independent hierarchies be used in clojure? 0.00
Clojure for a lisp illiterate -0.52
Choice of programming language for learning data structures and alg... -0.48
Learning Clojure - What should I know about Java and more +1.46
What do you call functions which get and set? -3.73
How to make write operation idempotent? -4.06
Can I use swank-clojure with the clojure 1.2 master branch? -2.80
Matching math expression with regular expression? +3.12
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Remote Procedure Calls 0.00
If attacker has original data and encrypted data, can they determin... +3.82
Fastest algorithm for primality test -2.22
Discover periodic patterns in a large data-set +1.85
Why do websites generate random alphanumeric strings for urls inste... -3.04
Calculate direction angle from two vectors? +3.68
Algorithm to find the percentage of how much two texts are identical +3.98
Time complexity for Search and Insert operation in sorted and unsor... +0.39
When and where do you put type annotations in Clojure code? +3.88
Point data structure for a sketching application +1.19
how to get google sitelinks on a website +0.05
data structure algorithms for database searching +0.25