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Dirk Scholten

1509.34 (75,506th)
572 (245,232nd)
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Title Δ
Should one avoid constructor use for field initialization in PHP? -3.75
Symfony4 doctrine unit tests: entity has old data in cache? 0.00
Mocking Static Methods in PHP 0.00
Laravel unit testing automatic dependency injection not working? +0.25
PhpUnit How to test double a method using both other class and self... 0.00
How to convert json Request to an array in symfony? 0.00
php: How to mock a SoapClient response to __soapCall() in a PhpUnit... 0.00
Is it possible to return mock from mocked method? 0.00
What does invocationMocker::with() actually do? 0.00
Count in MySQLi +3.87
PHPUNIT - Testing a callback that is a new instance of class 0.00
PhpStorm doesn't get the folder's configuration when runnin... 0.00
Remove - from number +3.94
How to take required bits from a string in php? -4.38
How can I pass a single parameter from $_POST? -0.47
Can I somehow put @depends annotation inside a test method? 0.00
PHP strpos() return empty value -0.13
Counting days "forgets" last day +1.72
Show variable as a text in php 0.00
who can help me? i having this error in laravel? 0.00
PHP mail - Use php string in html mail +3.96
PHP logical operator 0.00
Array in array for array_shift +4.24
PHP isset equal $var1 or $var2 -0.43
Minutes used from time difference even fraction of a minute in php 0.00
PDO avoid gaps when using ON DUPLICATE UPDATE 0.00
Easy Admin - Display Full Country Name in Show Action 0.00
Warning: mysqli_fetch_row() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result... 0.00
PHP Session Variable Lost On The Same Page 0.00
I don't understand what is wrong with this composer requires 0.00
Compare each index in single array +3.76
Compare Array multidimensional PHP -4.77
How can I output a value from an array? +3.27
How to register more than one version of the same variable within a... -3.92
If Loop inside of While Loop causes infinite loop -1.87
MongoDB search a document and find value using PHP 0.00
unlink(/home/goode/public_html/private/uploads/405/): Is a director... +4.00
Final check when user Checkouts to compare cart qty vs database qty... 0.00
Space between td classes in HTML not working -4.16
How to load jpg file from server to be used as a variable in a func... +4.00
Why is REQUEST_URI being modified? -2.45
JSON format getting only one column +2.67