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1515.09 (44,974th)
1,634 (100,955th)
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Title Δ
How to add key-value pairs to a list without adding sublists? +0.51
Efficient way to get all matching bitmasks? -0.65
Use an else clause like the ones in formal for loops but in a list... +0.50
Getting "TypeError" when executing code with Blank or Nul... 0.00
Deep copy of dictionary created with comprehension not working +0.48
How to create a dictionary and populate the key and values with the... 0.00
finding mean value of a single key in a dictionary python -0.01
Hash table and the last value of a key 0.00
Replace divmod() by for loop to get quotient and remainder -0.02
What determines the ordering of dictionaries in Python 3.6 0.00
Faster re-implementation for finding unique keys in python 0.00
Python recursive list comprehension to iterative approach 0.00
Spllit list of dictionaries on the basis of item values in max and... 0.00
How do I remove duplicates from a dict{} by comparing part of the v... 0.00
Time complexity of a function in python with nested loops 0.00
Best approach to refactoring a python function 0.00
How to show a progress bar while loading a list comprehension? 0.00
Sort an array of lines so the points in vertices are connected -1.87
Best way to split a string output with predefined parts into a dict... +0.48
Python dictionary comprehension to contain list of items not found... 0.00
What's faster? Load file lines into list Or process fileobject... 0.00
Filter elements from a list instance (or object) in a single expres... 0.00
Possibility to use a python2 created shelve dictionary with python3... 0.00
minimax algorithm understanding 0.00
how to output the difference of two floats as an interger in python 0.00
Extracting data from hyperlink cell in CSV 0.00
Creating New Column in SQL with Regex 0.00
How to improve time complexity in this code? 0.00
Haskell. Return the length of the largest sequence of required item... +0.49
Python: How can I add extra item in dictionary created via a loop? 0.00
How to solve the "repeatSeparator" problem without a loop... -0.46
Is this precondition a violation of the Liskov Substitution Principle -1.08
Why does my singleton implementation not work in Python? 0.00
Remove sublist duplicates including reversed -0.69
How to disable settattr for your class in pre __init__ state just l... 0.00
Python Dictionary key and structure question 0.00
Python: why is multiple list comprehensions seemingly faster than a... 0.00
Append Previous Word Python +0.04
Ordering a triming (pagination) a big array, how? 0.00
How to omit key and value when creating list of dictionaries using... -1.99
Does Python optimise away duplicate expressions in list comprehensi... 0.00
Create a dictionary with 2 unequal lists -1.08
How does Depth First Search (Recursive) work once it reaches the le... 0.00
How to divide a list of negative and positive numbers into the larg... +0.67
Find the maximum length subarray condition 2 * min > max -0.66
Python merging list of lists with varying length +1.89
Dynamic Property Getter and Setter +0.10
Find the Second largest number of a nested list programme +0.75
How to access attribute from within a separate attributes method bo... 0.00
python data structure: list of dict to one dict +1.65