An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.29 (4,190,820th)
7,570 (20,900th)
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Title Δ
Java Programming error -0.02
How to get a random number in a specific range +0.02
How much to validate in private functions -1.74
SQL Server : Like Syntax and Add operator Error -0.40
Pseudo Code for Producer Consumer Synchronization -1.10
Trouble remedying NullPointerException in Java - think it's an init... +0.14
Trouble remedying NullPointerException in Java - think it's an init... -1.11
Generic Types in Java with ineterface -0.92
How do I parse a string in C? -1.11
How to close IOs? -1.29
Get data from main thread when something happens in another? +0.37
Changing Time On MaskedTextbox +1.73
SplashScreen.Close(Timespan.FromMilliseconds(int)) : Is there an Ev... -0.16
While compiling the Tic Tac Toe game program in java a ($ name appe... -1.17
stringindexoutofbounds with currency converter java program -1.45
Calculate a point along the line A-B at a given distance from A -0.45
Querying win32_NetworkConnection is slow on Windows 7 0.00
Java: HashMap: get: specify default value -0.24
C Library Compile Error 0.00
Obtaining classes of generic types of an ancestor class +0.08
Why can't my VM Argument's path not be found when I try to run my p... -1.43
scanf(), Linux's shell input in handled differently, why? -0.06
Interfaces Complete Reference -0.31
Mysql attack prevention -0.46
How can I average a subset of an array and store the result in anot... -0.34
what way of user notification about authentication failure in a web... 0.00
Implementing Kernel in C and Shell in C# 0.00
Batch command date and time in file name 0.00
Popup Message boxes 0.00
C# A problem with casting -0.56
Separate persistent and derivated fields -0.57
Setting text boxes thread issues -0.24
Can you solve this circular dependency problem in C++? -1.57
What is this in java? Attaching methods "on the fly"? +1.90
Recursively search nested lists; Returning parent +2.46
An ambiguity in the documentation on threading in C# -0.57
getting element offset from XMLReader +0.50
take in different files +1.29
take in different files -0.96
Java JOptionPane Output +0.93
How to remove a node from a linked list? +0.60
simple regular expression question +0.09
Questions: controlling a Swing GUI from an external class and separ... +0.17
Redundant Condition -0.59
C# Code readability issue -0.61
Java Date issue -0.94
C# XML --> How to get the attribute value and xpath that belongs... -0.20
Are keySet entries of a WeakHashMap never null? -0.42
c# & linq to sql: using datagrid to add multiple records +0.09
sqlite4java multithread-support solution -0.39