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1460.12 (4,401,754th)
255 (422,886th)
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Title Δ
Need to use two classes header in together in C++ 0.00
How do I marshal a structure containing a array of int of unknown s... 0.00
C++ double free or corruption (out) 0.00
C++ How to place data in vector of base class 0.00
Keep getting this Segmentation Fault :11 error 0.00
Where put auxiliary files used by my DLL with good practices 0.00
how the output of cout<<4%-8; is 4? 0.00
Run-Time Check Failure #0 when using a library 0.00
Do wee need a lock for uint64_t in single writer multi-reader situa... 0.00
C++ How to know when an object has been destroyed 0.00
Passing object from virtual class as argument in a function 0.00
C++ Read from stdin if within size 0.00
C++ function that returns an ostream 0.00
Can't read wstrings containing → and print inputted unicode cha... 0.00
Unexpected output in converting from long in C to long in C++ in VS? -2.91
c++ how to correctly implement parallel ifstream reading +0.99
CMake can't find Boost_LIBRARIES variable 0.00
Randomizer picks a number from the vector and delete it -3.80
Delete specific line from .txt file (C++) 0.00
C++ Union, garbage value +0.35
I can enter the inputs but I'm not able to see the output when... -2.52
Calling a C++ function from python, using cython, with cythonize +0.16
Call c++ DLL from C# application -1.65
Missing dll when i move a .exe to another pc (msvcp140.dll, vcrunti... 0.00
Errors at std::count (no conversion error) 0.00
Is there any advantage in static_casting an int to enum instead of... 0.00
data type in struct c++ +0.67
Process with protobuf ParseFromString crash 0.00
C++ template copy constructor 0.00
For a Linked List containing pointers to structs, is there any rela... -1.85
How to achieve python-like behavior with references in c++? +0.87
void bool toogle C++ 0.00
Problem with using dynamic allocation in c++ +0.70
Printing fixed width strings that contain multi-byte characters 0.00
Accessing 2-D array outside main() giving runtime segmentation fault? -3.43
convert byte array to a pointer with problem of endian +0.32
Remove Directory function access denied 0.00
Linked list containig different derived class objects in c++ +0.29
Why is std::string_view faster than const char*? -2.56
Does C++ vector copy constructor and assignment operator also copie... +4.68
Version of std::stoi rejecting any non-number -1.74
Multithreading is slower than no threading C++ -3.08
Different output every time in c++(unexpected behavior) -3.40
How does reference to pointer exactly work in C++, and when do we n... -0.90
How to declare enums as extern with default values -1.57
Changing serial port baud rate in Win32 without transmitting 0.00
sqrtf function alternative in Visual Studio -3.73
Call constructor of mixin base classes based on number of arguments -2.28
"_main already defined" while using gtest -1.88
How can I control search order for DLLs to avoid hijacking? -3.84