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Rainer Joswig

1603.40 (1,606th)
116,200 (576th)
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Title Δ
I'm struggling to understand why some Lisp data changes when I... 0.00
Two cons point to same memory when mapping over array in Common Lisp 0.00
How to defconst a bunch of stuff with the help of a macro? 0.00
How to `defun` a function in a package? 0.00
'Required argument is not a symbol' error in let binding 0.00
Portable to use make-instance to make conditions? 0.00
Common Lisp: Is there a version of `labels` with a type specifier? 0.00
Lisp - Keep words finishing by given letter 0.00
Apply a selected function from a list of functions 0.00
What happens when flet is inside a recursive function? 0.00
How to create a bit array in common lisp? 0.00
Counting words which aren't starting with given letter 0.00
lisp passing value to function? 0.00
Lisp: Where can I find a list of reserved characters for sbcl? 0.00
Why when I create an class can't find-symbol it? -0.65
How the eq/eql/equal works whit list? 0.00
Best style for message passing between threads? 0.00
Using regex (Regular Expressions) in Parenscript 0.00
Colon in a custom function name causing error +0.99
Merge symbols maintaining their case in Common Lisp -2.57
Illegal function call when sharp-quoting a lambda +1.94
How can I read all .text files in Lisp? 0.00
Return from a loop on a condition -2.65
How to generate list indices with format directives +1.84
Filter output stream to only keep portion of text delimited by spec... +1.86
different ":cl" package handling between Common Lisp impl... +1.60
Question about Common Lisp compilation order 0.00
Im having trouble with cons cells and I have a question about eleme... -0.26
Using a quoted list of slots for Peter Seibel's defclass macro 0.00
Macro expanding to same operator +1.46
How to create a list of lists in lisp? 0.00
How do I use the "cl-position" function accurately in cli... 0.00
What's the differences from inline and block compilation of SBCL? 0.00
Compose function in Paul Graham's On Lisp ( and also in Ansi Co... 0.00
how quasiquotes are represented in syntax tree (CL) -2.58
Rules for top-level function definitions order in Racket and Common... +1.47
How can I execute step-by-step debugging in Common Lisp ECL? 0.00
How to transform list into sub lists? -0.10
', (quote-comma) in common lisp -2.15
Common Lisp: (NULL L) Should Be A Lambda Expression 0.00
Returning lambda with function vs with macro in common lisp 0.00
Lisp changes function to lambda expression when stored in function... -2.60
SBCL "subst" efficiency 0.00
How to access a Lisp symbol function cell -0.15
Creating a Lisp alias with defalias or new function? +1.67
type error passing struct to macro in common lisp 0.00
Common Lisp difference between declare check-type -0.87
Lisp plist only in context of symbol's property list cell? +1.67
How to write a 2D byte array to a binary file in Common Lisp? +1.12
Lisp function returns NIL when used in a menu function but otherwis... +1.30