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1497.89 (3,817,439th)
590 (236,202nd)
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Title Δ
C++ functional bind - force cast of `this` to another class possible? 0.00
Time complexity for nested while loop problem 0.00
My string class destructor implementation 0.00
Why can I never get the second conditional to be true? 0.00
Data Structures and Algorithms Asypmtotic Notation 0.00
cpp code running on mac but not on windows 0.00
static binding with new operator c++ 0.00
Class don't work in c++ project when created in other files 0.00
Adding a struct into a map +4.30
Undefined identifier/ undeclared +3.89
Namespace alias inside a namespace -3.42
Questions regarding efficiency -2.74
How to manage resources that cannot be deep-copied in C++ 0.00
Easy way to learn data structures and algorithm 0.00
how can i get the size of an array so i can declare said array from... +0.05
Running a C++ code and a Python code consecutively +4.12
Unable to initialize a function returning pointer to a structure 0.00
C++ String excercise with random numbers +0.03
I need help completing this program 0.00
C++ instantiate an object through builder +5.23
Problem about templates and virtual function -3.71
Query about how to pass vector by reference to a constructor -3.57
How can I use a map function, created by me, to print the values ‚Äčo... 0.00
Working with classes and arrays: Why is my output memory locations? -3.97
finding min, max, and average of linked list 0.00
C++ Only reading last line when reading text from a list 0.00
How to create an array of pointers to object of a inherit class +0.14
(c++) Importing a .hpp only knowing his name by a string 0.00
Game inventory system +4.08
How to compile C++ executable using headers -3.97
Template Classes and Functions in C++ +4.05
How to sort only the right quarter of a 10 x 10 matrix? -1.67
C++ OOP Class for vector of vectors -3.95
argument of type * is incompatible with parameter of type * 0.00
C++ - How to create a dynamic vector +0.57
My queue does not update as I am enqueuing and dequeueing 0.00
C++ Pointer not being updated? -2.23
Multiple definition of same class function depending on multiple ty... 0.00
Mechanism of Move Semantic 0.00
C++ Player Creation Menu 0.00
Command Line Arguments 0.00
How to use a class with a constructor in another class? -3.92
Choose 4 randoms printf +2.98
unitialized local variable + using unitialized memory 0.00
Java vs C++ (Call-By-Reference?) +4.01
Are header files considered as API´s? 0.00
Vector in static class -0.47
How to protect user if can't return nullptr for an empty stack? -3.97
Are nested templates possible? -4.10
How do i fix Runtime Error [SIGABRT] Assertion Failed 0.00