An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Johan Wikström

1501.81 (379,315th)
1,829 (91,052nd)
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Title Δ
Clean way to break from an if statement in Go +0.49
Why database types aren't interface in GO 0.00
Unable to use the same relative path in my program AND my unit tests -3.83
Split a String into 10kb chunks in Go +0.46
Golang detect in-flight requests +0.35
Remove element by value in Go list 0.00
Does Go has out of the box priority queue? 0.00
What is the usage of backtick in golang structs definition? +4.29
Golang: forward ssh over websocket +1.64
How to parse a complicated JSON with Go lang unmarshal? 0.00
How to avoid re-implementing sort.Interface for similar golang stru... +1.15
Best way to integrate database into Go Web application 0.00
What's the most memory/processor efficient way to pass structs... +1.15
Go: Best way to handle excessive memory application? Mmap, memory o... 0.00
How to get value from an checkbox? in Angular JS 0.00
Regex to find strings not encapsulated with __("") +4.20
Read a txt file, and memorize into int or long in C -3.82
How can I compare two tables intelligently? -0.26
Creating a standalone exe file from sictus prolog pl file windows +0.05
Determining which side is facing the viewer on a 3D-cube -4.06
Backtracking maze algorithm doesn't seem to be going all the way back 0.00