An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1511.40 (60,221st)
1,043 (148,278th)
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Title Δ
why we need to migrate from ASP.NET Core 2.1 to 3.1 -0.18
Filter, order and paging implementation too slow 0.00
Will using destroy data if return will be inside +2.91
Is it correct to create UofW in order to share the DbContext among... -4.23
Why does File.ReadAllBytes work on the IIS Server when System.IO.Fi... 0.00
DAG creation in Apache Spark 0.00
Sending serialized data in Get/Post Requests +3.97
How do we determine an array type in C# using VTSO in Excel? +0.01
Oracle sample schema for big data 0.00
Elasticsearch.Net and NEST, IGetResponse to document POCO? -4.18
Best way for search in big tree 0.00
BigData solution for LIKE queries 0.00
Factors that influence the selection of the right tool - NiFi vs St... 0.00
Setting the Password complexity 0.00
Multithreaded download manager and DataGridView 0.00
Why Exception is a class, not a struct? 0.00 mvc Load Database from .mdf file 0.00
How add new column to deployed table in Azure without losing data? +3.81
How mapping many to many with automapper 0.00
ReSeed database in Azure +3.85
One to Many LINQ query - Assembly does not have definition for SELECT +4.64
How to call a function on every form load in C#? +0.04
Set timer in mvc website +4.80
How to add 'nothing' into int array in C +1.41
How to make a C# Windows Form Application fit to the screen -4.03
Comparing the values of 2 combo-boxes -0.03
How to select name corresponding the id using LINQ -2.91
LocalDB missing from Visual Studio 2015? -1.90
Entity Framework Circular Reference in same table with both required 0.00
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.List... -4.14
Modulo Why does the console write 3? +3.44
Convert 2 datatable to one table -1.10
ASP.NET Identity in real IT industry situations -4.47
Assigning property values to a checkbox mvc c# -2.27
Easy way to Print Values of a dictionary? +3.91
How does stackoverflow creates the unique number for questions? 0.00
ReadOnly Property that Entity Framework can set 0.00
C language - scanf more inputs but dont know how many inputs 0.00
Read most recently inserted rows by Date using linq to Entity frame... -1.14
The type int must be a reference type in order to use it as a param... 0.00
Cannot install Entity Framework Power Tools 0.00
What is the benefit of using "Expression Bodied Functions and... -2.25
C# - I have an issue with SoundPlayer +3.91
How to Override this type Url in MVC 0.00
MVC5 razor. do i really need javascript to show, hide, disable text... 0.00
C# OOP Print Result -1.56
c# generic object[] adding another element +4.21
what are ["foo bar"] lines in c#? +4.13
+= symbol's difference in string and textbox -0.06
How to get a string between 2 specific characters in C# +4.00