An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1519.55 (31,438th)
1,155 (135,850th)
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Title Δ
Count the frequency of list element in a row grouped by Date and tag -1.47
Element-wise in-operator between two arrays -2.94
How do I print a board like this in python? 0.00
Count rows based on first column in a tab delaminated file using Py... -3.14
Remove dict which have the same id from a list of dict +4.24
For loops with multiple result -4.07
Comparing elements of lists and calculate frequency of resulting va... -2.84
Do multiple file reading in pandas respect the order? 0.00
Pandas - Add at least one row for every day (datetimes include a ti... 0.00
Redundant calculation when assigning column values in Pandas +0.97
How do I replace Year in data frame and multiply that value with 12... +4.62
Finding the minimum value after using zip +2.83
string to list with no delimiter 0.00
How to determine the highest value from multiple columns using Pandas 0.00
Check weather two arrays has equal values or not -0.36
What is the time complexity of adding and retrieving strings from h... -0.89
Need help to create a Koch Snowflake of numbers in Python +0.88
How to find set differences per row in a pandas DataFrame? +3.77
Computing Jaccard similarity on multiple dictionaries in Python? 0.00
How to repeat the largest element in a list by the length of the list +3.86
From a Python dict filled with arrays to a dict representing all co... 0.00
sklearn's PCA inversion, dimension error 0.00
Python apply function on multiple numbered columns +0.64
Using fnmatch for this particular pattern 0.00
Csv to json by the same key-python +1.97
Get the first day of the week for a Pandas series +4.36
How to store a new dataframe after using a self defined function on... -3.65
dateutil parser: how to parse time separated with blank spaces? 0.00
Convert dataframe to JSON with 1 common valued column as array field -4.13
Python find subsets of a list of lists that fulfil a specific condi... 0.00
Pandas: type of file to save to contain dtypes 0.00
Looping over pages until it can't find the next link +3.87
Vectorizing Removing Outliers with Pandas 0.00
Find indexes of common items in two python lists +4.08
Dynamically read JSON data using Python 0.00
ImportCSV problems with Pandas 0.00
How to sort alphabetically without repetitious letters in python? +1.04
Parse data with beatifulsoup using Threads 0.00
Factorization of a dataset with pandas 0.00
Python 3 Functions - List Values for Other Functions -1.95
Issues converting rounded float to string pandas -4.18
distribute x number of events to users using python and pandas +0.08
How to iterate nth positions in nested dictionary +3.86
Sort dictionary keys where the key is also a dictionary +3.93
Getting all values from a list that do not have today's date in... 0.00
Drop percentage of a dataframe [pandas] +6.61
How to save complicated nested dictionary to clipboard and then to... -0.24
Generate misspelled words (typos) +3.91
Python - Save all 'available' elements in Json and print it... 0.00
How to delete non-common elements between strings in python? +3.21