An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1521.63 (28,113th)
24,370 (5,273rd)
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Title Δ
Why Dynammic programming for 0/1 Knapsack? -0.13
Using proper relations for product and attribute -2.07
Track anonymous users without forcing users to go through authentic... 0.00
Find vertex at distance d -0.17
Find a region with maximum sum of top-K points 0.00
Generate shortest NOT substring for given string 0.00
Shortcut key assignment algorithm 0.00
How to reverse a linkedlist recursively in javascript? +0.22
How can I programatically measure the vagueness of text? -0.52
Convert this SQL query into Linq -1.93
How to document undefined behaviour in the Scrum/agile/TDD process +0.13
user stories for non human actors and as non-functional requirments 0.00
How to adjust your story points guesstimate with your actual time c... +0.46
SQL table join selection +0.16
C# Sorting a List of an Object which contains another List of an Ob... -1.59
Do I understand this Strategy Pattern correctly? -0.32
Can a front controller or any other controller can be called an exa... 0.00
Securing A Chat Application -0.05
How to early and incrementally deliver to Production on large proje... -0.05
Select row once if column contains 0.00
Can a task done for next sprint be classified as a spike? +0.28
How to know if authentication is really a requirement 0.00
Task or user story to capture big work but not specifically develop... 0.00
Delivering large projects through Agile +0.20
how complete should SBE specifications be? 0.00
Better Caching For .NET 3.5 site +1.00
Polyphase merge sort for sorting a large text file +1.03
Calling My REST API Using C# 0.00
What is the best practice to manage stored procedures in C# code? -0.25
Client' country name not returns correctly 0.00
Connection stays open after using dbContext in .Net -0.23
ASP Notification Mechanism -0.27
SQL: Only output the color/colors of balls that are in every box +1.61
Create linq-statement with dynamic components +0.98
Using ASP.Net Membership, get all users -0.03
SQL error with nested SELECT 0.00
Razor syntax error "Only assignment, call, increment, decremen... -1.16
SSRS 2008 SQL statement help needed 0.00
Conditionally return different description text for different quant... 0.00
When are named arguments useful? +1.30
drawing a simple hangman design linked to my incorrect guesses in c# 0.00
Big O - O(N^2) or O(N^2 + 1)? 0.00
Capturing further detail in agile +1.50
Building a tower from cubes -0.09 duplicate localhost url path +1.11
LINQ to XML select +0.31
Cannot add background to css class +1.48
URL as an ID to retrieve page contents 0.00
How to account for sprint planning? +0.93
Paypal c# REST API asks for an undocumented configuration section -0.23