An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1516.77 (39,445th)
5,195 (31,870th)
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Title Δ
Django sql connection failed -0.12
Table for model was not found in datasource 0.00
How to match specific characters only? -0.87
Pythonic way to get closest point for each point in a data frame (N... 0.00
getting URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused&... 0.00
Rails Authority gem, trouble with 'show' action 0.00
optimized bit manipulation for getting the NOT value -0.18
getting None at the end of reading a text file -0.03
Counting groups of 3? Possible? +1.97
Changing each word in the sentence on asterisk +0.99
python and rolling a die a set 1000 times 0.00
Ruby - Not able to read yaml file -0.02
How to organize the Rails structure 0.00
mysql not completing execution when using nested query with greater... -0.02
heroku - cant run rake db:migrate - no such file --Time 0.00
mysql order by multiple columns including flag 0.00
MySQL SELECT query on junction table with multiple tables 0.00
When I need to create new table and connect it using foreign key to... -0.19
How I do sort numbers saved as strings ascending in MySQL? +0.84
Insert table in foreign key with multiple value MS SQL -0.27
Return single record where multiple linked records exist in MySQL -0.02
Mysql get count of unique id that repeat in database 0.00
Filter mysql query by duplicates and row count +1.79
Get the list ordered by how many times it appears in another table -0.02
MySQL Multiple references between tables +2.02
Creating Gridbag Layout +1.57
Pythonic and compact way to compare the key in dict +1.05
Compiling JAVAFX in Netbeans 7.3.1 + JDK1.7.0_40 0.00
Django: User-defined exception not being caught -0.02
Login doesn't work with heroku app 0.00
Bundler doesn't load gem in production rails app -1.99
rails 2 + thoughtbot-shoulda 0.00
Test a base (abstract) controller 0.00
Convert 9999999999999999999999.001 to "9999999999999999999999.... +1.10
How can I loop Rock, Paper, Scissors in this code with python? -0.38
JavaFx 2.x: Rectangle custom property on lower right corner 0.00
PhoneGap app for Symbian | "Application closed : WidgetUi KERN... -0.50
python __init__ error on Windows only +0.76
A generic observer pattern in Java +0.49
Is there a way to skip a commit when pushing +1.69
Getting "undefined method" with Thinking Sphinx scopes wh... 0.00
OpenMP and nested loops? -4.00
Using MPI I/O in hybrid MPI/OpenMP program 0.00
MPI send / receive programme never completes 0.00
Several implementation for a linked list - C++ +3.26
Could MPI_Type_vector has different dimensions in different process... +0.59
Mercurial wrongfully shows new files (really already pushed) -0.94
Is it possible to move a branch from a repository to another reposi... +0.08
Removing an edge from a graph 0.00
Is it possible to detect when a VOIP call starts and ends using C#? -0.04