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Pascal Thivent

1674.98 (282nd)
555,113 (47th)
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Title Δ
where is the correct and recent ehcache maven repository +1.96
How to get Maven to use the latest versions of certain plugins? +1.12
A question on clustered environment on Weblogic server 0.00
Setting Maven Java compiler debug to false does not remove line num... 0.00
Connecting to SSH using JTA in Java +0.70
How to do a like case-insensitive and accent insensitive in Oracle... -0.24
test maven web module in eclipse and tomcat +0.97
Not created by default settings.xml in $/user/.m2/repository path u... +0.27
Maven 3 Profile Properties - enhancement or bug? +0.02
hibernate map<key, set<value>> +0.28
Use maven profiles for developer sandbox settings? -0.74
Maven and pom.xml +0.28
JPA criteria query, order on class 0.00
Why should anybody put annotations on the getters or setters when u... -0.94
How to define and use bean for eclipselink persistence? 0.00
spring-mvc 3.0.5: what's the preferred way to instantiate the JPA e... -0.80
Java EE - WebLogic sever - Deployment Error 0.00
Java Dynamic Web Project with Eclipse 0.00
My hibernate mapping files exist, what are possible reasons that th... 0.00
javax.naming.NoInitialContextException: Failed to create InitialCon... -0.74
Map different entities to the same table, always saving as one enti... 0.00
Is it possible to configure after-deployment behavior for a WAR (or... -2.91
How to configure OpenEJB logging? -1.51
Where to keep log files of WAR application? -0.87
Maven Java EE and module project pom +0.94
Making Maven run all tests, even when some fail -0.63
How to indent the fluent interface pattern "correctly" wi... 0.00
Web service client given WSDL +1.61
Maven: Using inherited property in dependency classifier causes bui... -1.25
Is there are way to scroll results with JPA/hibernate? +0.26
Escaping the colon character ':' in JPA queries 0.00
Maven - How do I get the Castor plugin to trigger in the generate-s... 0.00
New to EJB world... Null pointer exception in EJB client +0.26
Inheritance Joined Strategy With Multiple Non-Keyed Columns -0.69
How do I declare a data source for GlassFish? -1.16
Maven pre-defined "bin" assembly not working? 0.00
Using Maven without my own repository +1.24
Best way to migrate an IntelliJ project to Maven? +1.08
Forcing Maven2 to download source jars to local repository 0.00
eclipse does not recognize package +0.27
Hibernate - force inner join between parent and subclass 0.00
precedence of persistence.xml in hibernate project 0.00
Hibernate: Temporarily exclude a column from and update +0.09
How to output exception track traces to the console of a failed tes... 0.00
Location of JDBC jar for hibernate on JBOSS 0.00
Maven archetypes for OpenJPA 0.00
Running single test class or group with Surefire and TestNG +0.73
Passing credentials to Glassfish admin web service -2.72
m2Eclipse dependencyManagement section doesn't show graph 0.00
How can I convert a batch of Mavenized examples into a format that... +0.28