An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1481.82 (4,363,381st)
335 (370,342nd)
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Title Δ
How to enable Xbox One Developer Mode activation? 0.00
Compiler issues, struggling to call UI thread using Dispatcher.RunA... 0.00
How to track, if the file has changed in the UWP App? 0.00
Share xamarin app with friend for testing 0.00
How to remove dynamically added grid element in UWP 0.00
How to create toolbar tool on taskbar in windows 10 using c# 0.00
Windows UWP ScrollViewer scrollbar overlaps contents 0.00
Cannot collapse element from event handler in ViewModel 0.00
Create file in StorageFolder 0.00
Automatically give UWP apps permission from Visual Studio 0.00
Where did the UWP certificates go? 0.00
UWP backup on users OneDrive +0.21
Visual Studio "Auto" width / height in XAML-Designer +0.84
Align UI lements correctly in SkiaSharp (UWP) 0.00
XAML Load Image into Grid -3.56
"No capture devices are available" in mediaCapture.Initia... 0.00
Is it possible to shutdown a Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 IoT from... 0.00
Check whether file has read only flag in UWP -1.49
Alternative ways of roaming of app settings in uwp 0.00
Description in UWP ComboBox +3.87
Access Denied when opening folder in UWP app -3.84
Check if combobox is opened -3.87
How can I scroll to the end of a textbox in UWP? 0.00
How to create a window within a UWP app to enter in detail/properti... 0.00
RichEditBox - KeyDown doesn't capture 'delete' key, but... 0.00
AB Testing on Microsoft Store 0.00
UWP - Send a local tile notification 0.00
How can i add irregular tick interval in Slider C# UWP -4.01
How to stop music playing after last song in `Listview` -3.96
How to get all MenuFlyoutItems when an MenuFlyoutItem is clicked in... +4.06
Clear undo history of UWP RichEditBox 0.00
Why uwp apps take long time to start? 0.00
How to set AppBarButton text with String resource using XAML 0.00
UWP ListView not scrolling vertically 0.00
How can I view Xbox UWP app data from the file explorer 0.00
Can not save in XML File 0.00
UWP Is there a way to disable Acrylic for the entire app and use th... -3.73
What are the famous apps that are built using UWP? +4.08
UWP - Cache local video +0.20
Binding data to a ListView inside user control (UWP) -4.09
In UWP App, read command line arguments and pass it from App.xaml.c... +0.26
Retrieve object from tapped stackpanel element -4.01
Visual studio report System.Reflection.MissingMetadataException whe... 0.00
Strange Behaviour of Resources and x:Bind 0.00
How to know whether an Image is shown or not +4.09
How to pass a list through pages in UWP 0.00
UWP update Button content in UIThread -4.01
How to take Children of a ListView in Code-Behind 0.00
UWP remove size slider from inkToolbarPenButton 0.00
C# UWP - Wrong caret size when there is no text 0.00