An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1706.07 (124th)
176,036 (288th)
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Title Δ
Can not find the good syntax for a vim sustitute pattern +0.57
Borrow checker won't let me call getter after calling setter 0.00
A single destructuring assignment to obtain values from the result... -2.46
Does this sorting algorithm have a name? +0.23
Pushing Arithmetic sequence into an array in the cleanest syntax -... +1.34
Return next key of a given dictionary key, python 3.6+ +0.90
Is there a javascript universal chaining method 0.00
callback must be a function in node +1.15
How to count the number of the same items in an array and assign th... +1.20
How to check if array element is the only one of its value in array? -0.59
How to sequentually increase CSS value for Padding property for Hie... +0.23
How to assign output of the command to a variable and use that vari... 0.00
Loop "i for i in.." if another condition is met in Python +0.24
Binary search a vector in chunks +0.24
Replace multiple regex patterns without digesting until the end 0.00
How to get value of a variable? +0.23
My code works only when the input is below 31 [ProjectEuler100] pro... -0.27
JSON from python json.dumps to javascript JSON.parse() with escaped... 0.00
How to store keys for JSON dictionary using Python? 0.00
How do you comment out all non-blank non-commented lines in a file? +0.75
Why can't I have two .js scripts which execute each other? -0.90
render Object with Object as value in EJS 0.00
Specificity / inheritance of color from asterisk / body? 0.00
Can ES6 class inheritance be translated into equivalent ES5 code? 0.00
Javascript regex parse complex url string -1.49
Why window.getComputedStyle() returns an object with a property nam... 0.00
How come for JS, CSS, and HTML compatibility, we have Chrome for An... 0.00
Delete commits but not the last one in git -1.67
In JavaScript, should a return in a generator function always retur... 0.00
Not awaiting nested promise +0.24
How to return an extended promise instance from an async function? -2.46
Early exit when matching result type -0.79
How to add an existing project to GitHub using the command line? +0.22
Git: replace commit history of Master with the history of feature b... 0.00
Haskell Function Composition (.) vs Function Application ($) +0.81
Hacking the import statement to extend an inherited class +1.03
Iteration over an array of elements with a separate delay +0.51
if local variable not initialized, code runs error +1.75
Systematic error in Python stochastic simulation +1.40
Counter(dict1)+Counter(dict2) gives the wrong answer 0.00
Object has no attribute Error when calling __getattribute__ on sing... +0.24
C, function not getting called, prototype is there before main() 0.00
How to merge lists in a specific order python +0.82
Struggling with the Go time module +1.20
Why is the `n===0` used, as `-0===0` and `0===0` are both true? +0.24
Ackermann Function (4, 1) in C Not Calculating - Ackermann with Cac... 0.00
How to handle promise and non-promise error catching together +0.24
Cannot assign output of sed to a variable -0.76
Best practice for passing through generator function in JS 0.00
How to match 'abbbc' in 'aaabbbccc' by using re mod... +1.25