An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1702.14 (132nd)
176,036 (288th)
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Title Δ
My javascript calculator is seeing 5^5+5^5 as something like 5^5+5+5 0.00
list compression weird behavior 0.00
Why isn't this function(char*) pass by ref? 0.00
Git - two different statuses on master 0.00
How to style Javascript element 0.00
Why is this Boolean false? 0.00
Non exhaustive pattern error when decoding Huffman tree? 0.00
How can we get an iterator which ignores missing libraries, such as... 0.00
Types for req and res in express? 0.00
A functional swap function except in one case 0.00
How to avoid negative 0 or -0 values in javascript 0.00
Empty answer if an initial zero is not found +1.14
Finding the proper Python type hint, for instance, the signature of... 0.00
Javascript inheritance : How prototype chain works between native p... -2.56
Worst-case time complexity of Python's int.bit_length() 0.00
Replacing int values by hexadecimal values in a dictionary 0.00
Is there a more elegant way to push and return an array? +0.21
await inside promise function +0.24
Why in JavaScript is (super.__proto__ === this.__proto__) true? 0.00
Is there a way to convert a `Vec<Vec<T>>` to `Vec<T&... -1.06
crypt module not outputting a SHA512 hash as expected 0.00
I need help filtering bad words in C? +1.30
How to get a hash or checksum of a file from a stream in node js or... 0.00
Sort unordered list with href javascript -0.86
Removing all occurences of '\' from json response string no... -0.01
Why is this creating two inputs instead of one +0.65
How to make it better? "Maybe Bool" doesn't look great +0.87
Function inside Object not returning value +0.23
improve the performance of regex in javascript for test against who... -0.46
When I try to convert a hex string to an integer in JavaScript, I d... 0.00
Go to the next forEach iteration after promise resolves -0.40
Self-referential function in Haskell (interleaveStreams) +1.75
Python >> Operator returns different output than in javascrip... 0.00
Python Sockets send an integer value greater than 127 as a single b... 0.00
sorting nested dictionary in python 2.7 on 3rd level within all gro... 0.00
Advance to start of pointer array 0.00
return array reference from function +0.23
concatenating by adding an integer without redundancy +1.00
Javascript padStart to populate an array doesn't work +1.65
Why max() function in this following code is returning the value of... -0.76
Why was the code in the Sublime Text 3 painted white? 0.00
Can't seem to get Element.setAttribute to work with webpack/babel 0.00
Incrementing Numbers declared by new Number() via void functions 0.00
Length of a string is not what I was expecting 0.00
Struggling with parsing if statements and code layout in Haskell +0.50
Bizarre code issue - extra characters appearing on input +0.23
Cherry pick failed for commit a0946a562a8e 0.00
Github: What happens to forks when a repository is renamed? 0.00
How do I type the values of an object's fields with a specific... -2.78
How to avoid selecting input elements before they are made? 0.00