An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.50 (80,053rd)
4,367 (38,135th)
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Title Δ
flatten object inside array -0.97
Why does order of where clauses effecting the performance? -2.35
C# List.Clear() clearing ALL Lists 0.00
how to pass data from view to controller or pass data between contr... 0.00
Why does changing a variable name alter behavior of prompt() +0.48 core display variable in an img tag for src 0.00
Entity Framework modelling one-to-many relationship +0.49
.Net Core - What are the things to know to learn Hello World 0.00
About EntityFramework AsNoTracking 0.00
Adding an object to a multidimensional array in JavaScript -0.86
How to pass multiple variables from a method to Main -0.02
Multi framework Entity library missing entries -0.03
How to remove hashset items to another hashset 0.00
ASP.NET Convert Class to 'System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbS... +1.86
Use Dependency Injection outside Controller v1.1.0 for... -0.51
Entity Framework core failing on async methods +0.49
An object reference is required for the non-static field,method,or... 0.00
MVC - Unable to Reference Items from dbContext 0.00
Entity Framework 6 Query Performance (M-M Relationship) +0.43
Map foreign key to scalar property +0.52
Trying to grasp let vs var a little better -1.07
web.config transformation breaks connection string with special sym... 0.00
convert JSON object to collections which implements IEnumerable 0.00
Entity Framework trouble querying ManyToMany relationship 0.00
Can't get a property from other class even with the navigation... -0.52
Is my understanding of async-await correct? +0.32
How to use UNION(concat/union) in Entity Framework with one call? 0.00
Dynamically assign ViewModel to View at Runtime MVC 5 0.00
C# How to do Linq Query +0.51
why css omitted in print area 0.00
Dependency injection without IOC - How to avoid wrong usage in prod... 0.00
Unable to send Viewbag as parameter in SignalR Send 0.00
Why I can't use the name of the class as a type? -0.05
Add Element By Element to ListView Without blocking UI +4.06
is it possible to to use a conditional statement in an access query? -0.38
Silverlight - limit application to one WCF call at a time -3.84
.NET blocking socket read until X bytes are available? -0.17
In Silverlight, how do I catch an XamlParseException exception 0.00
Is there any way of decorating a method with an attribute to be exe... 0.00
Does the order of elements in app.config matter? +3.33
Common.Logging config exception 0.00
socket receive loop never returns +3.92
How do I bind a datagrid in Silverlight? +1.65
Multi Wait handle +2.77
How can I get the format of a parsed string -1.96
WCF Data Contract Data Member with Dictionary<string, object> -0.52
C# - Duplicate Altering -0.74
Create timer and start it and get its value at anytime c# +0.46
Silverlight 4 calls SQL server query command +0.25
For a Silverlight app, what is the best way to load data from a ser... +3.58