An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1795.40 (11th)
150,803 (377th)
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Title Δ
bash: cat the first lines of a file & get position +1.33
Comparing timestamps between different machines 0.00
tar with --include pattern 0.00
How do I hash an integer into a very small string? +2.21
In perl, is there a way to make subroutines print their name and ar... +2.46
missing default argument - compiler error +3.80
Restricting a signal handler to catch signals from only that partic... +4.75
Function which takes a pthread as input and suspends it +3.72
Detect ICC vs GCC at compile time +1.67
When are Variable-length arrays legal? -0.99
Pushing Solaris script output across network to Windows client? 0.00
c++ isalpha lookup table +1.79
Needs some explanations on Qt::operator -0.16
Nested-If statements in Shell-scripting +3.80
XML library for C 0.00
gdb and makefile +3.61
Segmentation fault while accessing struct filled with data read fro... +3.75
SSL Socket connect timeout 0.00
Is there any networking framework based on C? +3.73
wxwidget wxStaticText border 0.00
Converting binary reading function from C# to C +1.29
Get parent directory from file in C++ -1.37
Compilation Error: 'void' type not allowed here -0.02
SetPriorityClass equivalent on Linux +0.51
How to connect to a server, defining the both sides ports, on C +4.62