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Paul Panzer

1615.56 (1,232nd)
32,113 (3,709th)
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Title Δ
How to create multiple arrays at one time +0.64
Python range with np.intc 0.00
Inset a matrix of zeros across another matrix's diagonal -0.16
Calculate number of cells with 2 neighboors or more, within a numpy... +0.34
Whats the most Pythonic way to make the next n items in an array Tr... +1.60
Python: Only exponentiate array if values is not equal to zero 0.00
Multiply i-th 2-d matrix in numpy 3d array with i-th column in 2d a... 0.00
creating matrix, which reflex properties of a given one with numpy 0.00
Finding the max value in each row of 2-dim vector when there is mul... +0.34
Generating equidistance points along the boundary of a polygon but... +0.29
Finding the best pass by calculating the maximum value in numpy 0.00
Generating 50 random 2x2 matrices with positive eigenvalues/positiv... +0.09
Crossover of two binary representations -0.51
Strange roots `using numpy.roots` 0.00
In numpy, how to create an array of the indices of the elements in... +1.08
Fastest method for extracting sub-list from Python list given array... +0.39
Are Dot product and Multiplying matrices are same when coming to ar... +1.61
Perform sum over different slice of each row for 2D array -1.76
How to most efficiently switch around elements in one ndarray based... 0.00
numpy create array of the max of consecutive pairs in another array -0.02
How to create a 2D Numpy array using a function on a 1D array? +0.34
Fastest method for mapping an array of Boolean True counts to a Boo... +1.10
Is there a way to populate the off diagonals of a numpy array simil... 0.00
How to vectorize/optimize calculations that rely on prior rows +2.10
Insert in array at specific location +0.22
Getting diagonals of 2D numpy array that affect original array +1.67
Display grouped list of items from python list cyclically +0.87
Add elements of a list based on the elements of another list +0.13
defining a higher dimensional array without using extra memory +0.34
Change dataset entries based on a boolean mask +0.34
Numpy unpack uint16 to 1-5-5-5 bit chunks -0.15
Finding string elements of an array in another array -0.56
Split matrix in python into square matrices? -0.16
numpy combine arrays with index ordering 0.00
Converting numpy boolean array to binary array 0.00
Numpy - Change first non-nan value in every row og ma 0.00
How to find and pull values at specific indices of several Numpy ar... 0.00
initialize numpy array or arrays with particular shape 0.00
initialize numpy array or arrays with particular shape 0.00
For loop in numpy 3d arrays 0.00
Generate new matrix from A containing the average value of A rows f... 0.00
Tabulate with vertical headers or concatenate string list with nump... 0.00
Numpy - combining 2d arrays with a 1d array 0.00
Check if a number in a list is within any list of ranges 0.00
How to find the smallest integer that, when multiplied to a list of... 0.00
How to create this non-regular "identity matrix" with numpy 0.00
Collapse duplicate rows in an array into a single unique row 0.00
Looping over np.einsum many times... Is there a faster way? 0.00
How to convert a 3D dataset into a 2D dataset on a grid? 0.00
Is there a way to vectorize applying the mean function to masked re... 0.00