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Paul Panzer

1590.94 (2,120th)
32,113 (3,704th)
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Title Δ
Efficient ways of calculating affinity only for local neighbourhood... 0.00
Is there a function like `cumreduce` along the lines of `numpy.cums... 0.00
How to assign values to given indices to an array and average on re... 0.00
split a six digits number column into separated columns with one di... 0.00
NumPy: Average overlapping matricies? +0.36
Vectorizing softmax cross-entropy gradient 0.00
How to I extract the 2nd element in this numpy array, where the 2nd... +1.29
Numpy: Use vectorization for loop while referring to previous row v... -0.26
Why is that I'm able to successfully return a large np.float128... 0.00
pythonic way to get first element of multidimensional numpy array -2.03
Vectorizing calculation of values using numpy which requires previo... 0.00
How to generate all possible pairs of coordinates without repetitio... +0.40
Generating correlated random potential using fast Fourier transform -2.40
Get the row indexes where 1 appears for each column +0.40
Best way of combining meshgrid with matrix multiplication in function 0.00
Best data type (in terms of speed/RAM) for millions of pairs of a s... +0.12
Finding the relative proportion for each element of an array agains... -0.12
How to do multiple slicing in python without change np.array itself... 0.00
Converting a 2d array (grayscale image) into 3d (rgb image) array 0.00
How to create a Numpy Matrix with a for loop? +0.79
Fastest way to create 2D numpy array which starts at 0, and increas... +0.34
Fastest way to get all unique numbers between two different dimensi... +1.90
What is this operation in numpy called? +2.15
Python: Speeding up large double sum with elements precalculated 0.00
Replace array value if equal to another array 0.00
Get all component stats of multiple arrays labeled by one of them 0.00
Python: Fastest way to get all masks for an array +1.40
Flip true values that are preceded by another true value in a cumul... 0.00
Substitute for `array[:,*idx]` in numpy -1.18
In Python's Numpy, a dot product isn't equivalent to an ein... -0.34
Contracting like elements over python lists +0.38
A difficult construction of a 3-dimensional matrix in numpy from a... +0.38
Serpentine scan pattern generator 0.00
Optimizing nested for-loops 0.00
How to integrate beta distribution in Python 0.00
what kind of x fits into argsort(x) == argsort(argsort(x))? 0.00
Sum up data on specific (multiple) ranges +0.49
How to stack numpy arrays alternately/slicewise along a specific ax... -0.62
How can i make a matrix filled with a sequence for the rows and col... 0.00
Is there a better way to use permutations? 0.00
Numpy: Vectorize np.argwhere -0.19
Kronecker product of matrix array 0.00
Combining arrays to yield a new collective array +1.39
Why does the computation of np.fft.fft2 depends on the shape of the... 0.00
get minimum value across array of indices -1.21
Transform scipy sparse matrix to index-based numpy array 0.00
Matrix multiplication but only between specific rows and columns 0.00
How to locally shift values in a numpy array by arrays of shifts? -1.55
(memory-)efficient operations between arbitrary columns of numpy ar... +1.16
given permuted arrays, find permutation -1.10