An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1572.51 (3,765th)
31,808 (3,759th)
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Title Δ
defer file close on overridden variable 0.00
convert data from database into one map 0.00
Cross compile a shared Library under Linux for windows 0.00
How to create test code that needs to use the database 0.00
A recipe tries to access the network in compile time. How can I set... +0.40
How to get real local address for UDP connection +0.40
Does the internal operation to slice influence the original slice o... 0.00
is concurrent write on stdout threadsafe? 0.00
Decoupling implementation from public API 0.00
Should you close temporarily created files or can you directly dele... 0.00
Do goroutines keep running even if main function is terminated? +1.50
fmt.Scanf does not consume all the characters through the end of th... +0.99
Detecting symbolic link 0.00
Does atomic.AddInt64() force to fetch/update value from/to main mem... 0.00
passing object from one package to next in golang +1.77
what's the best practice for testing deleting a directory? +0.40
Unmarshalling JSON returns an error: invalid character '\x1f... 0.00
golang json unmarshall to struct whose field value unexpected 0.00
How to read files outside main.go, and make it work on AWS lambda 0.00
How to implement a channel and multiple readers that read the same... 0.00
How to modify field of a struct in a slice? 0.00
Translate a Go nested array of struct to C using CGO? 0.00
Go generator function to create values satisifying an interface +0.43
Golang multipart file form request +0.40
go get using ssh instead of https (NOT on github) -0.61
How to remove XML intendations from XML string.? +0.25
Multiple go routines read pcap files cannot improve performance? 0.00
How to catch the C/C++ lib exceptions in Go code 0.00
Why is there such a result? +0.41
List the files in a sub-directory present at any point in the curre... +1.66
How to send JSON body in GET request golang? -1.98
Is type casting structs in Go a no-op? -0.07
How to suppress stack trace after `panic` in Go? 0.00
Response does not implement http.Hijacker 0.00
Nested promoted interface methods becoming invisible 0.00
Problem reading uniqueidentifier from SQL response 0.00
Get list of fixed drives -2.00
Get list of fixed drives +2.00
Java DataOutputStream alternative in Go 0.00
No blocking Eternet capture 0.00
Set the root filesystem of http.FileServer based on a cookie in the... 0.00
Rounding down with Time to a specific interval 0.00
Is there a way to AssertCalled every call when a function is called... 0.00
io.LimitReader EOF when reading http.Body +3.02
Mocking syscall errors 0.00
How to log MaxHeaderBytes header issue in golang 0.00
Send a File as well as parameters (through JSON) inside one HTTP re... 0.00
IO callbacks on goroutine 0.00
HTTP request is aborted after response write in Golang 0.00
context without channels in the same thread of execution 0.00