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David Schwartz

1563.58 (4,802nd)
144,585 (397th)
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Title Δ
What happens if I sent larger UDP packet size than 2 smaller MTUs 0.00
C: I need to extract some data from a text file and it keeps errori... 0.00
An invalid response was received from the tcp reverse shell server 0.00
Is the program stack immutable? how to handle array? 0.00
C++ Is endianness affecting fstream's read and write functions? 0.00
Why does the printf function affect my speller program? 0.00
'0' syntax in string push_back 0.00
How to wake up a thread from another thread? 0.00
How to allow other programs to read file, while writing to it using... 0.00
Why am I getting a read access violation when I go to print my link... 0.00
Shared Memory and semaphores: Unexpected segmantation fault 0.00
Multiple recv() until timeout? +0.00
Spinning words in C++ and recieving error +0.62
Not Getting the output at the client side (UDP socket in C) +2.02
Function to print all combination of entered characters is not prin... 0.00
Can I delete a pointer but keep the variable 0.00
Simple fork() program -3.11
c++: segmentation fault, core dumped -0.09
Accept not waiting for new connections 0.00
Error when passing a pointer by reference 0.00
Can you access the epoll interest list (a.k.a. interest set) direct... 0.00
It is normal that my code is faster without multithreading o am i d... +1.86
Balanced paranthesis in c++ +0.42
C++ Using Raw pointer to std::shared_ptr -2.20
c: interpreting bytes of a given sequence as int16_t values and sum... 0.00
Function strspn from string.h not working properly 0.00
Why did TCP-BSD server stuck in read() even data receives? -0.09
How to exit a blocking call of recv() on a thread from a different... 0.00
How to solve c++ unwanted mathematical error +0.41
Process tree (fork) Linux -0.09
Recvfrom() keeps returning wrong value 0.00
Thread synchronisation for very short tasks -2.83
Is Atomicity still a concern if threads are not used? +1.44
I want to create a pointer to a char value in C++ and get its size,... 0.00
C - Detecting TCP socket broken connection -2.10
Proper method to wait for exit conditions in threads 0.00
Passing strrev() as an argument to a function to print reverse stri... 0.00
Is it possible to store ASCII control characters in a string? 0.00
Error while printing values of EVP_PKEY_CTX structure 0.00
C CryptUnprotectData crashes Program 0.00
need for allocating memory of ofstream pointer 0.00
A problem about const references and temporary objects +0.86
How to handle malloc failing and returning NULL? +1.92
How to acces elements of a vector which contains pointers to strings? -0.89
Issue when using pointer to line tokens in C -0.09
my C program doesn't stop for me to fill the vector when I use... 0.00
Clock Cycles for the invlpg instruction +0.04
How does the infinite loop further down stop earlier code from exec... 0.00
Why is a ledger hashed with the close time of its parent ledger? 0.00
Is Entrance into a Windows Critical Section an atomic operation? 0.00