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Dave Cross

1573.61 (3,641st)
49,877 (2,011th)
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Title Δ
What does -p STDIN mean in Perl? 0.00
Initializing hash of arrays -1.36
Perl access value from Hash Reference -1.74
Easiest way to grab "target" key from the hash shown 0.00
Unexpected equality in Perl script 0.00
To split a space or comma seperated string into a list in perl 0.00
How to install cpanm with github action workflow with linux runner? +0.70
XML::LibXML - problem installing the module on a fresh macOS BigSur -0.11
Perl usage of split function with varied characters in strings +0.34
Formatting Outlook email in Perl -0.04
Perl:How to insert line in a file? +0.73
In mrskew, can I calculate human readable timestamps from tim? +0.40
How to use Getopt::Long to store options in complex hash +0.14
Compare two hashes by value to get keys/values where the 2nd is gre... +0.53
Issue while installing DBI Perl module via CPAN prompt on Solaris 11 0.00
Add null to the columns which are empty +2.43
Testing a .mhtml file as a .t 0.00
How can I get the counter of matches inside nested foreach loop? 0.00
Perl string comparison in text file -1.37
Centos 8 Perl modules location +0.52
What is a difference while assigning hash in list context? -1.56
how to use the for loop result and insert in body email using mailx... -1.31
Perl: How to generate and validate JWT with rsa algorithm use Crypt... -0.15
Return boolean value after iterating through an array +1.53
Can't locate MyModule/ in @INC +0.37
Perl - simple calculator that bends the rules of maths +1.44
trying to combine multiple lines between two two patterns in the sa... -0.13
Perl Script to determine how many logins were still on the system a... -0.83
sub that returns a matched regex group +1.38
Can't locate URI/ in @INC - Centreon 0.00
How to pass parameters from Perl script to SQL script and execute i... +0.37
Push File contents into the array using perl -1.41
Perl CGI writing to a file concurrently 0.00
Why using utf8 patterns within perl substitute(s) and match(m) oper... 0.00
How to remove these warnings in Perl? 0.00
Perl : Can anyone tell me how to resolve this warnings +0.27
Best way to go to any line number we want in Perl -0.42
split string to hash +2.63
extract variable items on single line using grep 0.00
How to access data in JSON by key -1.20
Perl: if else condition getting stuck on elsif 0.00
How to login in Perl using LWP::UserAgent and can check cookies val... 0.00
Replacing a hash with a variable when calling a function -1.72
Encrypt / decrypt in perl 0.00
Pattern matching in PERL ending with period "." +2.04
Can't select a column from csv file 0.00
Convert Date DD/MM/YYYY to 7 Digit Julian Date in Perl 0.00
I'm looking for a "date-picker" that works for all th... 0.00
perl conditional substitution according to nearest certain html tag... -1.28
Unable to Write into file within WHILE Loop in Perl +0.95