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1472.78 (4,515,450th)
294 (415,235th)
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Title Δ
How to split a string at a specific character but not replace that... +0.54
PHP DateTime Textual Representation +0.29
PHP Convert any kg amount to a readable metric unit +0.79
Why get_memory_peak_usage() is greater than get_memory_usage() 0.00
Substruct days stored in variable from date in PHP +0.14
How to filter an array to form another array -1.52
Check if it is the first monday of a quarter -0.23
Make associative array key values become index +0.56
PHP var_export with double quotes 0.00
Recursion doesn't continue with next items 0.00
Convert long numbers to short and compact +0.54
Calling a function with call_user_func 0.00
Can't reproduce "iconv(): Detected an illegal character in... +0.54
PHP Unicode to character conversion -0.42
PHP Sorting array alphabetically and numerically +0.29
Strange problem: PHP returns wrong easter date this year -1.27
Is it possible to get the years an array of timestamps without loop... 0.00
How can "round" return a float? -1.38
sorting with uasort (multiple conditions) +0.75
Php sha1 method returns only 2 binary char 0.00
Json decode and again json encode not return same value 0.00
Wrong time (timezone) when creating ics file with PHP +0.14
Require Once Failing Relative Path -0.46
php how to search array keys via another array values -0.82
sum of unique values in array -1.26
How to get values of a multidimensional array with a string +0.56
How to cast property of stdClass to a certain type in PHP? -1.73
How to assign SplFileObject::fpassthru output to variable +0.53
PHP month before last -0.87
Find value from multidimensional array from given two values -1.73
Is it good pratice to add closure inside constructor? 0.00
Convert string to multidimensional array to calculate date in php -0.33
php strtotime 'third day of + 1 month' = false 0.00
Appending values to array in a class? 0.00
PHP DomDocument get anchor tag href and inner html? 0.00
Filter array with specified conditions 0.00
PHP Dates are frustrating me -0.68
php date return 1970-01-01 08:00:00 -0.23
How to merge and unique multidimention array +0.04
How to get time difference of a datetime value and a time value in... +0.18
PHP DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string at positio... -0.47
Access value of object from json_decode 0.00
How to get week number from a date -0.02
PHP: Combine and sort two multidimensional arrays with same value -2.26
PHP How to Group Multidimensional Array by associative Key Value -0.24
PHP Date Relative Formats last day of +X days -0.99
php check current date in time&date range 0.00
DateTime('now') not modified after sleep() +0.55
How can a byte sequence with unknown coding be made available as in... +0.42
How to get a date at 0h 0m 0s? 0.00