An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1479.20 (4,499,723rd)
408 (321,743rd)
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Title Δ
Sending a message to the mail 0.00
make a button change a variable and continue to do so 0.00
$_GET in JS for booking 0.00
Text over an image in html and css -1.15
I created REST API for SQL SERVER to get the all the record using n... 0.00
Value not equal to &nbsp OR value not eqal to space in jQuery -1.01
How do I avoid my return function from returning "undefined&qu... -3.33
How can I query a User from my Angular front-end service? 0.00
AngularJS ng-repeat render once and reuse +2.23
How to set background-position value in sprite sheet animation? -3.15
Better Method to call image from server (Creating Cdn) 0.00
how can I use includes() function on nested arrays? -2.24
How to merge 2 td in a single td only in a row using jQuery? -2.10
loopback Find() "where" clause not returning expected res... 0.00
jQuery not handling events 0.00
How to use CSS Style one class inside another class but another cla... -4.02
HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden when uploading file angularjs 0.00
Date validation using moment.js is not giving error on giving inval... -3.95
How to show loading state while waiting all my Firebase data reques... +0.05
Check MongoDB status in node js -0.11
How to call a JQuery event within AngularJS function +3.99
Using template from 1 directive into another directives template 0.00
Should we use Jquery and AngularJs with progressive web apps? -4.03
Crosswalk and Ionic android app build +4.04
Angular 2 add class conditionally -3.05
self invoked function closures inJavaScript -3.38
Keep child div on the bottom of parent div -0.69
$.getJSON call not working 0.00
nth-child of id element -2.04
Javascript betting game issue, how to code gaming logic 0.00
Responsive content -0.04
How to have a div fixed only inside one div and change to position:... -0.02
How to toggle ng class by clicking a checkbox button? -2.80
CSS- Automatically shorten long strings using ellipsis -1.58
jQuery to Javascript +4.22
Web page export as Microsoft word css missing +3.92
Angular Javascript inside php foreach inside HTML 0.00
How to make ion scroll look like iphone alarm clock? 0.00
find the attribute 'src' and add 'autoplay=1' in jq... +0.10
How to show a placeholder if video display failed +3.97
how to change written language from `en` to `fa` when entering inpu... +1.25
when hover on image or text the both scale -1.79
Can I alert the user from the route/middleware? -0.02
Set all Woocommerce products with same height but variable width -4.00
Retrieve data from database based on input form -0.05
tabe contends not loading in from .query() 0.00