An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.43 (4,190,775th)
8,416 (18,564th)
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Title Δ
Solving polynomial equation in Java -0.44
Fasted way to load fields from comma separated string -1.67
how to increment counter by one when status changes 0.00
Adding web/http functionality to an existing c# or vb .net project +0.09
Convert datetime string with this format: (yyyy-MM-dd'T'hh:... -1.16
Convert sql query to lambda expression for table with foreign keys 0.00
SQL Delete all but top x +1.31
Linq grouping with child condition +0.27
Wildcard Pattern usage -1.85
CLR length quota error 0.00
Formatting a json object depending on conditional variables in a c#... +0.72
Is there anyway for VS to implicilty generate update method for dat... +0.09
How to Execute a method inside LINQ to Entities' +0.51
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method Generic.List(int) to... +2.72
The Controls doesn't appear in the design mode (design time)? +0.32
WCF File-less Activation Metadata 0.00
Date Format In SSIS Derived Column -1.58
SQL Server stored procedure locking issue? +0.80
Output static property directly on .aspx page -0.40
How can I manage routing in large mvc projects 0.00
Ajax.PageHandlerFactory Error Handler 0.00
Creating a windows service that downloads files from azure every hour 0.00
Suggestions for a video montage application (extracting and playing... 0.00
How do I fetch count of two columns for a given criteria grouped by... +0.65
ASP.NET Universal Providers 0.00
C# Connect to database in separate thread -1.72
External config file for part of configuration section +0.10
MVC 3 Visual Studio 2010 Razor Model intellisense not working +1.08 multiple updatepanel 0.00
Unable to Connect to SQL Server Database using ASP.NET Webservice 0.00
Server caching IIS6 0.00
FormsAuthentication.Decrypt method returns null value in Server 0.00
Using Ruby to connect to a Microsoft SOAP web service that requires... -0.39
Substitution User Control in Composite Control with Render Method O... 0.00
How does Custom Role Provider work? 0.00
Max Output Cache Size ASP.NET IIS 6 0.00
How should I implement a multi threaded queue from a database table? -0.29
XmlDocument query taking two values -1.41
MongoDB C# Driver FindAndModify -0.21
Differences between CMS and RDBMS -0.80
n:m selection of all Entities in n which have more then one FK in r... +0.12
static url mapping and routing issue 0.00
SQL Query get a lot of timeouts +0.61
MSSQL schema problem - I renamed a table , now the database is refe... -1.26
IIS 6/MVC 3 Cannot Attach to Process as not listed? 0.00
Is it possible to restore data from a table in sql server 2005 to s... +0.11
SQL Report Group by field (listbox item selection) 0.00
SQL Server - ignore special characters +0.10
Oracle procedures vs MS procedures vs Oracle packages +1.30
Does IIS 6/7 lock image files whilst they're being served? -0.08